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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clarifications from the Communist Party (Maoist) Italy about the Revolutionary International Movement

From Party Communist (Moaists) Itally(I added some foot notes to clarify some of the references in this article. I don’t expect people from other countries to be any more proficient in English than I am in Spanish);

About this there is an internet intoxication by 'leftist cybergroup

Our party in various and different texts, meetings in international arena ,
but also in various bilatelaral meetings with indian, afgan,european,
nepalese comrades,  parties and organisations has expressed his critic for '
centrist' approach of nepalese left comrades about the internal struggle in
PCNUm[1] and our party demands to these comrades to change his approach.
This struggle it is not completed and this struggle will continue until the
victory of mlm in Nepal and in international arena.

Our party is historic member of the Rim[2] and all in the rim - less out the
rim and this is our limit - know our internal struggle against avakian[3]
tendency and also against centrist position of PCNm about international
Our party has been in all rim's live the only party that is allied of PCP as
red fraction in RIM and our party organised three international  public
meeting on this question with MPP[4]
Our party is the only party in the RIM - with comrades of PCP - that is
supporter of  WP line in imperialist countries and on this question makes a
strong struggle also towards PCPhilippines and PCIm India about this
Our party in the international seminar in Nepal with all parties and
organisations partecipants, PCPhilippines and PCIm India enclosed, analised
PCNmaoist nepal positions as wrong answers to correct questions - and are
very , very correct questions that await still correct answers - for this in
the international conference when will be, our party will espresses all his
radical approach to these questions.. and time is next.
In the same time, when Corim stops his activities, our Party makes all work
that need for rebuilding an international organisition mlm and for this the
problem is not impose our position to all parties and organisations mlm in
the world, but
to realize a Meeting in the Rim with parties and organisations in the rim
that are do not support Avakian positions and Prachanda[5] line and after an
International conference of all mlm parties and organisations in the world
in and out the RIM, principally PCIm India -PCPhilippines- PCm France-PCR
Canada- american latin organisations in Colombia, Bresil, ecc.for rebuilding
international organisation and international center based on negative and
positive lessons of RIM and Corim-PCRUSA approach. In this conference we
support war people line and a center based on war people line. Our today
international task and engage when this International Conference is realized
, is finished in this form . This International Conference demands not a
simple call, but an agree between parties and organisations partecipants, a
positive climate of unity and struggle; in others matters we have not a
international conference , but a fraction meeting that it not changes the
internal and external MCI mlm.
In this conference different positions can debate, struggle, and it will be
a two line struggle about many questions  and our Party will make his
struggle to contribute for affirming and developing mlm that need in 21
century of peoples wars until Communism.
Finally still on Nepal, we want and struggle for the partecipation of
nepalese maoists to international conference, nepal maoists that are
alternative to Prachanda-Battarai positions, that are engaged in the
continuation of nepalese revolution
that demands popular revolt, armed struggle, people's war strategy. If these
nepalese maoists are in International conference is a victory for MCI, all
must work for this.
We hope that true and seroius mlm parties and organisations that want an
International Conference have and take the responsability to join this exit.

PCm Italy
january 2012

[1] The Present Maoist organization in Nepal.

[2] Revolutionary International Movement. This movement had gone dormant, but is now regrouped. Not all Maoist parties have agreed to join RIM.
[3] Bob Avakian is the leader of the Revolution Communist Party in the US. His new “synthesis” has not met will with other Maoist parties inside our outside of the US.
[4] This is the Peru People's Movement and it supports the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path in the press) and it’s leader Chairman Gonzalo/ Abimael Guzmán.
[5] The present leader of the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). There has been an intense struggle between more radical faction, that wants to push for a more revolutionary position in or even replacing that government.

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