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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

fight against the attempt to outlaw Communism and Communists in Italy (part 1)

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC); Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP); and
Struggling Workers Union (SLL);

Let’s defend freedom of expression, organization and propaganda won by the victory of the Resistance against Nazi fascism!

With the resistance to repression, proletarian solidarity and fight against repression, let’s transform this operation of bourgeoisie’s mercenaries for defending its order of misery, destruction and war into an instrument for the new birth of the communist movement!

On 8th February 2012 at the Assize Court of Bologna it opens the trial against 12 comrades who are (or were) part of the (new) Italian Communist Party ((n)PCI), the Party of CARC (P-CARC) and the Proletarian Solidarity Association (ASP).
 It is a process overtly political in the sense that the state sets aside specific crimes charged to the individual, but accuses them to belong to the (n)PCI and to the organizations that support it and cooperate with its plan to make Italy a new socialist country, the organizations we call the “caravan” of the (n)PCI . It aims to condemn and declare the (n)PCI a criminal organization and therefore to declare that belonging to it is a crime. The goal is to outlaw the (n)PCI and all the organizations of its caravan as subversive organizations according to 270 bis item of the Penal Code. A conviction would lead to the indictment of any other member and collaborator of the (n)PCI.
The fact that there are no handholds of “facts and specific crimes” had been certified and motivated with the nonsuit judgment because “there were no facts” issued on 1st July 2008 by the Judge for Preliminary Hearings Rita Zaccariello of the Court of Bologna. That judgment temporarily stopped the crusade against the (n)PCI’s caravan that Public Prosecutor Paolo Giovagnoli was carrying out by more than 8 years, on behalf of Authorities of the Papal Republic.
On 20th January 2011, the Supreme Court, upholding the action of the Public Prosecutor Giovagnoli and of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna, overturned Zaccariello’s judgment of 2008. The General Attorney Giovanni Salvi advocated the cancellation of the nonsuit judgment and the go-ahead for restarting the proceedings. He was the one who with two other magistrates opened two investigations against the (n)PCI’s caravan with the charge of subversive association. They were launched on 17th October 1999 with a “big” police operation and a hundred raids in several cities of Italy and both dismissed one in 2001 and another in 2003 ... that is to say just when Giovagnoli opened the eighth judiciary proceeding!
On 21st September 2011, with a sentence already decided, the Judge for Preliminary Hearing Alberto Gamberini ordered the beginning of the trial.
In Bologna, the ruling class is establishing a new kind of special court that operates on the basis of emergency legislation (although officially this legislation does not yet exist!). It is aimed to prosecute crimes that are not recognized as such by law and to prosecute defendants who would not be such if bourgeois Authorities were not fully violating the Constitution. The court of Bologna is a “prototype”: the bourgeoisie has concentrated here a special pool of magistrates to prosecute “political crimes”, magistrates who are real auxiliary of the political police, who get on for services rendered to the most reactionary and criminal part of the ruling class.
The significance and effects of the trial beginning on 8th February go far beyond the individuals and organizations directly under attack. They are at stake the freedom of expression, organization and propaganda of Communists. Starting from here, it will be at stake the freedom of expression, organization and propaganda of anyone who is or may become center of organization and mobilization of the masses for “not paying for the crisis of the bosses”. This is the freedom of expression, organization and propaganda won by the victory of the Resistance against Nazi fascism and ratified (at least formally) by the Constitution and still (at least formally) in force. It is not a matter between us and the judges called upon to prosecute us, the police (regular and irregular) that haunt us for years and their political instigators. It is an aspect of the battle going on between the imperialist bourgeoisie and the popular masses on how to go out from the crisis of capitalism.
The bourgeoisie, the clergy and other rich do not have a positive solution for the masses to economic, environmental, cultural and moral decay that their system, the capitalism, has created. The source of the crisis is in capitalism itself. The ongoing crisis is a natural product of their system: it comes from the nature of the capitalist mode of production. Monti in Italy (and before him Berlusconi and Prodi) and its counterparts in other imperialists countries are trying to squeeze the popular masses even more, especially workers, pensioners, civil servants, self-employed workers (farmers, breeders, transporters , artisans, etc..). They eliminate the rights the popular masses conquered during the first wave of proletarian revolution. They take away the prospect of a future of young people, aggravate the discrimination and oppression of women, persecute immigrants. They are responsible for the destruction, marginalization and emigration of the population in the oppressed countries, in the emerging ones and in the former socialist countries, for the plundering of the planet’s resources, for pollution and environmental destruction, for the “humanitarian missions” that they multiply in the world. This is the way by which the international community of the capitalists, bankers, financiers, speculators and the rich tries to prolong the life of his system of social relations in spite of the general crisis of capitalism that now goes for more than thirty ‘years and since 2008 has entered its acute and terminal phase.
People like Monti, like the FIAT CEO Marchionne, their cronies and accomplices, however, can prolong and so aggravate their criminal work only if they manage to sow among the workers, other laborers and the rest of the people the conviction that there is nothing to do, that their measures of “tears and blood” are the only way to end the crisis. They can succeed only if they can disrupt and divide laborers.
To this end, on the one hand they bring up, subsidize and cover the “fascists of the Third Millennium” as Casseri, who killed two migrants from Senegal in Florence in latest December. On the other they try to “clean up” the factories of the unions representing the laborers, to isolate the most rebellious and combative laborers and workers. But above all they need to prevent the communist movement from reaching a critical mass, to prevent its “contagion” from spreading.
In fact, the measures against the crisis and the representatives of the international community of speculators, are creating a widespread resistance not only by the peoples oppressed by the world imperialist system, but also by the popular masses in the imperialist countries: the riots in the Arab countries, the movement Occupy together in the U.S., the indignados in Spain, the revolts in London, the rebellion of the Greek popular masses, the movement which today developed from FIAT factory of Pomigliano in our country.
It is a movement still largely spontaneous. It is stoked up mainly by the opposition to the growing oppression and exploitation that the bourgeoisie and the clergy exert on the masses, by the contrast between the hardships and privations of a growing proportion of the population and the luxury and splendor of a handful of rich, speculators, parasites, by the aspiration to “another world” that the means, the knowledge and ability existing in the world today make possible. It is not yet fertilized and animated by the communist conception of the world and made irresistible by the leadership of the communist movement.
The specific role of the Communists in it is to make the aspiration and the need for a new higher social order, nourished and fostered within the popular masses by the present state of things, a political objective pursued by a mobilization of the organized popular masses so wide to have the strength to wipe out the current rotten and murderess social order, with its institutions, its ideas and the feelings connected to it. The Communists are distinguished from other opponents to this bad present because they do not drive to go back to the past (that produced this bad present!). They instead drive to build the new world: the socialist society on the march towards Communism, the only way out of the crisis of capitalism because it puts an end to capitalism itself.
The communist movement that is being born is the embryo, the standard bearer of the future of dignity, civilization and progress that the masses can build.
That is why bourgeoisie’s spokesmen, intellectuals, hacks write reams and lavish words to denigrate Communism and Communists, the first socialist countries and the first wave of proletarian revolution: they proclaimed the end of Communism in all possible ways.
That is why bourgeois law-enforcement agencies selectively repressed Communists and tried to do scorched earth around them.
That is why television and parliamentary lounges exhibited in full trim people like Bertinotti, former leader of the Party of Communist Refoundation, willing to blather about “errors and horrors of Communism.”
Now it is no longer enough. The situation is such that it is back on the agenda who runs society and how he does it:
- Or workers organized with a system of relations based on public ownership and management of productive machinery and on a decent and useful work for every adult; a system of which the first socialist countries have been the dawn;
- Or the bosses with the elimination of the rights and conquests, the reactionary mobilization and “war between us and the rest of the world” that FIAT CEO Marchionne already openly declares and imposes on the workers.
It follows from this also the elimination of residual progressive aspects of bourgeois democracy. This includes also the impunity of those “agents ready to do anything” which in our country entered into action on a large scale at the G8 Summit with the killing of Carlo Giuliani and the wild beatings in police and Carabinieri barracks in Genoa in 2001 and few months before in Naples. This includes the operations of various kinds to thwart every initiative of “democratic supervision” to discourage those who collect and transmit in Internet (copwatching) photos and movies of agents responsible for abuses against demonstrators and others. One of these operations is the process that will take place in Bologna on 31st January and 21st February, 2012 against two members of CARC Party and of the Struggling Workers Union and another comrade for “violation of privacy” under accusation of having created the site “Cop Hunt” [] in which there are shown the faces of law enforcement agents who spy, control, put down in police records, threaten, blackmail, orchestrate provocation, infiltrate, beat, massacre. Morena Plazzi, the same Public Prosecutor that conducts this investigation, has recently opened a case against “the policeman without a face” who on 12th October 2011 clubbed a young girl student (causing the loss of four teeth and permanent injury to chew) who was demonstrating along with other “indignados” outside the offices of the Bank of Italy in Bologna.

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