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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gov. Brownback’s new “shell game”—Tax reform

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

It’s not a good sign for Governor Sam Brownback that his new tax plan has not gotten bad press from The Kansas City Star. It’s a fairly conservative newspaper and it states at the beginning of their article; “The numbers paint a stark picture of the haves and have-nots in Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s new tax plan.”
His tax plan is not fooling anyone. It is a gift to the wealthy and a burden to the poor. The Kansas City Star goes on to say;
“More than a half million tax filers — earning less than $25,000 a year — will pay an average of $156 more in income taxes under the governor’s plan to overhaul the state tax code. By contrast, roughly 21,000 taxpayers — making more than $250,000 a year — will see an average cut of $5,200 a year in their tax bills.”
Much of that increase for the poorer tax payers comes from the elimination of deductions.
 The plan includes eliminating the deduction for home mortgage interest, the deduction for charitable contributions, food sales tax rebates and the earned income tax credit. That last tax is for the poorest taxpayers. The plan eliminates income taxes for roughly 191,000 small businesses in the state.
Brownback told The Wichita Eagle that his tax was ‘fairer, flatter and simpler’ than the present system. According to him, his taxes would lower the rate for everyone from 6.45 percent to 4.9 percent. He also claims some of the money he gets, from the elimination of deductions will go to social programs.
It’s not much difference than a pea and shell game. Except this tax moves the burden to the poor for the benefit of the wealthy. According to The Kansas City Star; the plan has been criticized by his own Department of Revenue. It also said, “But even the conservative-leaning Kansas Policy Institute was left scratching its head over the new calculations.”
As with all of the tax the poor, help the rich schemes, Brownback claims this will help create jobs. We’ve heard that before and a lot of people know better.

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