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otto's war room banner

Saturday, January 28, 2012

National strike and demonstration in Rome against the Monti's Government

Strong contingent led by proletaricomunisti PCm Italy

Italy, January 27

From Maoists;

Proletari comunisti - PCm Italia in Rome was the only party within and at
the head of the most classist section of the national demo of the base
unions, that of the slai cobas for the class union.

The political line of the unity for the class union and the accumulation of
national strength becomes visible, advances and forms up on the field its
vanguard contingent.

The struggle against the bourgeoisie and its state, the struggle against the
government, the modern fascism, the masters' fascism, the solidarity with
the No TAV activisits arrested, the path of proletarian uprising based on
the South and the advanced proletarians, lead the practice of construction
of the Maoist Communist Party, organized vanguard political detachment of
the proletariat, in function of the new beginning of people's war, in the
fire of class struggle and closely linked with the masses

proletari comunisti -PCm Italy

28 January 2012

Rome, January 27

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