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Monday, January 30, 2012

Statement from Bolivia, People's Revolutionary Front

From People's Revolutionary Front

Battarai counter went over to the side betraying the heroic struggle of the Nepalese people to agree with the ruling classes and deliver the new power won in the field to the feudal and bourgeois forces in that country.

The two-line struggle erupted in MCI filed with these positions match well with the direction of MRI, in particular its Committee, who clearly lost its revolutionary leadership as to not promote the fight against Prachanda's revisionism and new company. Definitively settle the new review appears in the Maoist ranks also means struggling with the conciliatory position (centrist) that do not recognize that today PCUN (m) is full of revisionism and the struggle of factions within it are under revisionist positions developed by Prachanda in the pact that took the Nepalese ruling classes. It will not be possible to think of building a new communist leadership center if the fight against the new revisionism is not going to end.

For this reason it is important the voice of the CPI (m) in this fight, his absence and signing joint statements with the Nepalese revisionist party is something that concerns us. We have learned and are learning a lot about the struggle of the Maoists in India and we continue to learn, as we said at the beginning, is the struggle of more importance in the world today and therefore their full participation in current crush revisionism can be decisive .

We send our warm greetings, our joy and our revolutionary class solidarity, our common hatred of the enemy. We are part of the same movement, a small detachment in the hearts of South America in addition to other detachments to fulfill their internationalist duty to support the revolution in India.

Viva la Revolution in India!
Long live the CPI (M)!
Death by genocidal Indian state!
Death to imperialism and revisionism!

People's Revolutionary Front
Bolivia, January 2012

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