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Friday, January 13, 2012

US may be aiding groups in bombings in Zimbabwe

From The Prison Gates Are open/Red Ant Liberatlion;

An explosion rocked Zanu-PF provincial offices in Gweru on a December night, shattering windowpanes, in a suspected politically-motivated attack.
No one was injured in the explosion.
While police could not disclose the cause of the explosion, occupants of the building – which houses other offices – suspect this was a pre-meditated attack on the Zanu-PF offices.
Said Midlands provincial police spokes-person Inspector Patrick Chademana: “We are still investigating the cause of the explosion which occurred yesterday at around 11pm.”
Sources close to the investigations ruled out the use of petrol bombs like in previous bombings that targeted Zanu-PF offices.
Zanu-PF provincial administrator Cde Passmore Washaya said the attack could have been an act of aggression by MDC-T activists.
“We are still waiting for police investigations to be completed, but we strongly suspect that this was an act of aggression by our enemies, especially the MDC-T,” he said…….
….. According to the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, an MDC-T employee identified as Charles Mutama told US Embassy political officer Audu Besner that the party’s security, intelligence and youth branches planned dynamite and petrol bomb attacks on targets in the country’s five cities.
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 Zanu-PF supporters waving party flag.

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