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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Afghanistan is not a tamed puppet yet

It isn’t easy being an imperialist army trying to enforce a puppet government that refuses to accept your fake government or values.

The Burning of the Koran copies was a big mistake. If our soldiers had a better understanding of the local religion they wouldn’t have done that. They would have sent them here and burn them in private. Then again how would we feel if an invading Islamic army or one in the Middle-east burned a bunch of Bibles in the news? We would have ministers and church goers going crazy.
In Afghanistan there have been rights; some protesters hoisted the white Taliban flag; and According to Yahoo! News:

“One civilian was killed, 15 more were wounded and three policemen injured in riots near the NATO base in northern Kunduz province, where the blast that wounded the Americans took place, regional police chief Samihullah Qatra told reporters.
NATO confirmed there had been an explosion outside one of its bases in northern Afghanistan, but declined to comment on casualties.
The protests have killed 30 people and wounded 200, including two other U.S. troops who were shot dead by an Afghan soldier who joined rallies in the country's east.”

Add to that, there are Maoist in that country and they are taking their place in the resistance. There seems to be a temporary alliance against all who fight against the US in Afghanistan. The Barack Obama regime is planning to pull all troops out of Afghanistan the next two years and NATO has been pulling back from combat operations. They may have to learn the hard way, some countries can’t be caged. -សតិវ អតុ

On Revolutionary Struggle in AfghanistanA Special Event With a Supporter of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan 
The Maison Norman Bethune bookstore is proud to welcome a supporter of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan who will speak about the revolutionary struggle being waged in that country.
For over ten years, this party firmly sided with the oppressed masses fighting against the invasion and occupation of their country by the US-led imperialist troops. Today, the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan continues to support the independent popular resistance under the banner of the revolution, as part of the world revolution.
In genuine internationalist spirit, the evening will be an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the struggle of the Afghan people and the role of the Maoists in the resistance to imperialist occupation.
Friday, March 2 at 7pm
1918, rue Frontenac
Montréal (métro Frontenac)
Free admission • Info: 514 563-1487
* * *
Promote Revolutionary Struggle in Afghanistan!
In the spirit of international solidarity and in commemoration of International Women's Day, the Revolutionary Student Movement, student division of the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, invites you to our fundraising party. The theme of this social event is Communist "Dance" Party, so we hope you bring your dancing shoes as well as a friend or two. As part of our International Women's Day activities, a comrade from Afghanistan, who is supporting revolutionary movements, will deliver a short presentation on the people's struggles, and in particular, the challenges facing the liberation of women in Afghanistan. We kindly ask that you RSVP by February 28th at to help us in our preparations for the evening.
Sunday, March 4 at 7pm
A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond, Toronto
Presented by the Revolutionary Student Movement & the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee-Toronto. Supported by the International League of People's Struggle & Basics News.


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