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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drug testing is one more way to humiliate the poor

It was bound to show up. Kansas will follow Florida as the next state to drug test applicants for welfare. And to get welfare people will have to pay up front for the drug test, which the state will reimburse if they pass. Of course the assumption is that people on welfare actually have a lot of spare cash lying around. After all they buy all those drugs don’t they?
This is a mean-spirited way to humiliate people who are down on their luck. Especially cruel is the idea they should pay for the test. In Florida where this is now implemented The Daily Show made fun of the program. In Florida it is so cut and dried. Take the test and if a test is positive, the people and their families are excluded. Politicians that talked on The Daily Show claimed the poor people use much more drugs than the rest of the population. However the same politicians have admitted only 2% of the poor are testing positive for drug use which is way lower than the rest of society. The program actually cost the state more money to implement than it saves. Politicians the Daily Show approached would not take a drug test if it wasn’t in the law and they have no plans to pass any bill that drug tests politicians since they get their money from tax payers.

Once again, one law for the politicians and a different and more humiliating law for the poor. It’s unlikely that this law would be repealed even though it cost money rather than saves it, because there seems to be so much spitefulness against poor people by Republicans and their supporters.
According to The Wichita Eagle only 1/3 of the people would be drug tested (How do they choose?) Those who fail the first time go to a drug evaluation and possibly be required to attend an education or treatment program. The second dirty UA and they have to wait a year before they can receive welfare.
Who waits around a year to get welfare? What about sick people? Do they just die out in the street as if we are a third world country?
I for one am tired of politicians and those who support them being hateful, mean-spirited and cruel. These leaders should be in jail rather than running a state.


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