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Monday, February 27, 2012

If gas is so high—why are Kansas vehicles so big?

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

In a recent letter to the editor of The Wichita Eagle a woman described the differences between the Tea Party movement and Occupy. Besides claiming the Occupiers looked like they either didn’t have a job or didn’t have a full-time well paying job, she also pointed out that Tea Party people drove SUVs.
So apparently it is important for a conservative to show they have wealth and are politically correct by buying an SUV or something as large or larger. I’m sure some people actually have a need for a larger than average size personal vehicle, but I can’t help wondering if some of them are driving those as a political statement. About half the vehicles I see on the Streets of Wichita are SUVs, large pickup trucks and some type of small buss.
Some people, such as farmers, or contractors do need a pickup truck for their business. But the ones that look so shiny they look as if they can’t be touched by human hands, I have to wonder if they are just for looks.

When our soldiers go off to war they often say they are preserving the American way of life. We do have two army bases in Kansas, Ft. Riley and McConnellAir Force Basel. I wonder if those soldiers notice that the people in the news footage we see in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t live in fancy suburbs, they live in concrete or mud houses that don’t look all that fancy. And those towns rarely have streets full of SUVs. So the soldiers are fighting for the American way of life, which seems to be denied those subjected to living in these war zones. I remember seeing Iraqis who were in line for rationed gas for their small cars. We had plenty of gas in the US. Since so many soldiers came home after loosing limbs, arms and legs, for our access to the world’s major oil sources, I guess we can literally say that gas in this country costs an arm and a leg.
Gas prices go up, yet the cars we make and drive get bigger and bigger. Conservatives have laughed off global climate change, peak oil predictions and they have supported a tar pipelines that will leak the equivalent of sewage to increase our domestic oil supplies. They have called for off shore drilling even after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill which was a major disaster and experts that claim the drilling will make very little difference.
So why do they need to drive such big cars at a time like this? It seems as if some of these people do it to scoff at the liberals and leftist they hate so much for trying to put restrictions on their arrogant lifestyles.
If the conservatives have their way, it seems as if neither war against poor countries or damage to the environment will stop the SUVs. These people are selfish, arrogant, and they put their own comfort before anything or anyone else.

How much does this Ford Escape cost?
Pix. An arm and a leg—

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