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Thursday, February 02, 2012

International Conference to support people's war in India in Summer

 International Conference to support people's war in India in Summer.  a task
for all commmunists, revolutionaries, antimperialists people

After the international campaign 2-9 avril 2011, campaign against AZAD
murder in july 2011, and campaign 14-22 january 2012 dedicated to comrade
Kishenji, murdered from India regime; now the work is for an International
Conference that the

International Commitee to support people's war India wants to organise for
Summer 2012, for advancing in the united mouvement that it is the only
manner for giving force to the support and to make of this support an
international and internationalist phenomena in the world.

For this I.Conference it needs the work not only of the International
Commitee but of  all solidairities commitees, all parties and organisations
that support people's war in India, all revolutionaries that they are not
'maoist' but see the people's war in India as a very important revolutionary
struggle in the world,; all antimperialists that condanm 'green hunt

This Conference is organised in Europe, because actually the International
Commitee has here his organisative base and it is correct that who proposes
this type of Conference, takes his organisative responsability, in agree, of
course, with indian comrades.

It is very important that all the solidarity mouvement in the world can
support, can partecipate in different manners to this Conference.

Who partecipes will have intervention in the Conference, but it is a base
Conference, not a intellectual conference with

star, we want that speak proletarians, students, women, in struggle before
of all.

It is important that this Conference  is not theater of  ideological clashes
about all problems in ICM mouvement, because all partecipants can realize an
united block against imperialism, India regime and in the same time can
affirm the force of PCIm that guides this revolution.

In avril a meeting in Italy will take final decisions about date and place,
plan de preparation and propaganda.

all interested to this Conference can partecipate to this meeting, can send
proposition and suggestions about it.

A specific internet adress and an  eventually specific blog will be created,
after avril meeting

we can send your disponibility to partecipate avril meeting to

International Commitee to support people's war India

february 2012

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