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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Occupy Koch Town begins—Marchers confront Koch

This was day 1 for Occupy Koch Town. Many speakers have been lined up to talk about the environment. The event started in the Grand Chapel on Broadway Street. Only a few people showed up for the march today, maybe 20. Most walked to the Koch Brother’s Kansas Policy Institute where a rally was held outside the building. When a few people came out on the bricks we were quickly told it was private property.
A few of us decided to go in and let them know we wanted to talk to the Koch Brothers. We were quickly told we could not come in by a woman in the lobby.
“This is private property you can’t come in here,” she said.
“Do you own this building?” a protester asked.
“No but I work here.”
“We wanted to talk to the Koch Brothers before we leave.”
“I’m going to call the police”
With in a few minutes the place had security all around and the people inside seemed to be in a panic.

. “The further we go down this road of spending, the more people will expect to be given a living instead of being rewarded for what they produce,” Charles Koch told The Wichita Eagle.
This is an example of the stereotype he and those like him have created to scapegoat poor people for this country’s problems. He claimed the growth of entitlement programs have driven up the deficit, which is an outright lie. The entitlement programs have been steadily reduced since the Ronald Reagan administration and NO ONE has added to them. It was George W. Bush he drove up deficit spending on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and those wars and new ones are running up the deficit.  
Koch claimed he had nothing to do with Scott Walker, yet a crank caller claiming to be one of the Koch’s was treated as a personal friend with a complete rundown of the strategy Walker planned to break all the unions.
This is just a sample of all the crap the local Eagle gave to the Koch brothers, who have their name on many buildings downtown and have spent $hundreds of thousands on the right-wing candidates of their choice.
-សតិវ អតុ

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