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Friday, February 24, 2012

Occupy Koch Town shows the Occupy Movement is not over


For those interested, the Occupy movement is going strong and it is not going away as some naysayers are predicting. Last week’s Occupy Koch Town was a big success. Speakers, music and films were featured for two days. Demonstration where held both Friday and Saturday. The Friday March was small, maybe 15 people. Saturday there were about 200 marchers.
People came from all over the Mid-west, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri. They came from different cities such as Lawrence Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, and Kansas City.
There were some elaborate displays; such a replica of the oil pipeline, Mike Shatz of Wichitadrenched himself in chocolate to look like he was covered in oil. A girl carried a cardboard oil well tower and another girl covered herself in vines and flowers.
There were many signs against the Koch brothers and their support for the tar sand oil pipeline and their buying of democracy. The only snag of the march was when the police chased marchers from the Century II building which was holding its commercial “Women’s Fair.”
The police told them it was private property. Then a woman came out and told said it was private property. I told her the city owns it and she said she rented it. Some marchers argued with the police that Century II is publicly owned and paid for by tax dollars. A policeman just kept saying “This is private property.”
Janice Bradley gave a speech on the steps of the Chamber of Commerce Building:
“The Chamber recently honored a war criminal across the street (pointing to the Century II building). George Bush is a war criminal. She and the crowd chanted“Shame on the Chamber,”
“The further we go down this road of spending, the more people will expect to be given a living instead of being rewarded for what they produce,” Charles Koch told The Wichita Eagle.
According to Otto’s War Room:
“This is an example of the stereotype he and those like him have created to scapegoat poor people for this country’s problems. He claimed the growth of entitlement programs have driven up the deficit, which is an outright lie. The entitlement programs have been steadily reduced since the Ronald Reagan administration and NO ONE has added to them. It was George W. Bush he drove up deficit spending on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and those wars and new ones are running up the deficit.”
This was a major event for Wichita, Kansas, but such events are taking place all along the country in such cities as Seattle, where Occupy people called for National Day of Action Against Chase Bank.
This Picture is from The Kasama Project.

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