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Friday, February 17, 2012

This weeks rally in Topeka against discrimination and greed

From  Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

A rally drawing as many as 800 people from across Kansas came to the Capital on Wednesday to protest discrimination aimed at immigrants and poor people.
Many carried signs that said “No hate in my state.” Others called for democracy and another common theme was “People not Greed.”
About 1/3 to ½ were Hispanic people and their families.
One of the issues many people focused on is the new voter fraud law designed to make it hard for many people to vote in Kansas. Most people feel this new law, requiring an ID and birth certificate to get one if a person doesn’t drive, is just a pole tax designed to make it harder for immigrants and poor people to vote. At the rallies many speakers brought up the fact there has been very little voter fraud found in Kansas.
This action was put together by the Sunflower Community Action and Occupy Wichita. One major point of the rally was to as State Secretary Kris Kobach for records of what he has been doing since he took office. He makes $86,000 a year and yet he has time to travel around the country to promote anti-immigrant laws, such as his voter ID law and he has time to focus on supporting other candidates in other parts of the country.
 Kari Ann Rinker was one of many speakers on the steps of the Capital that day. She blasted the Kansas Congress for flooding the floor with ridiculous anti-abortion laws. She also focussed on Kobach and his traveling around the country and campaigning for others.
“We are going to ask for his phone record, appointment logs and travel logs,” Rinker said. “How can he be doing his job if he is gone most of the time?”
Busses of people came from Wichita and as far away as towns in Western Kansas.

 Protesters hold pictures of Congress-people who have taken large contributions from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). This PAC promotes many of the discriminatory laws that Governor Sam Brownback and Kobach have been supporting

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