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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wichita joins 80 cities in condemning war with Iran

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

About 20 people, in Wichita, showed up to a rally against going to war with Iran, last Saturday. It was a cold day, so the turnout wasn’t really so bad. The protesters stood along the road near the intersection near the Wichita Library’s main branch downtown.
Several protesters carried signs that said “No War with Iraq,” which had the Q covered with an “N” to emphasise our continuous wars in the Middle-east.
The protest was organized to coordinate with protest that were planed in 80 other cities across the US and Canada. Despite the cold weather, large marches took place around the country.
The reason for this action is that the same arguments are being made against Iran, that are made by former President George Bush before he launched the war in Iraq, Claiming “weapons of mass destruction,” imposing sanctions and demands that the government step down all have a familiar ring to them. Now with super elite navy seals, high tech weapons and drone air craft that can kill people while the man running it sits safely in a bunker miles away, possibly munching on a pizza while human beings are being killed, has all made war for the US an easy option.

There is also the possibility that Israel will start the war, attacking the supposed nuclear missile sites, which will prompt the US to come to their aid.
Iran has internal opposition and some of the groups are well organized. They don’t need our help. For some people there US interference would only make things worse. The best way to help Iran is to leave the country alone and spare them up to a million casualties as this country has inflicted on others in the Middle-east.

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