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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brazil--Complaint: Supporter of the peasants of the area was attacked Canaan!

A Google translation;

From LCP - Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazonia;

Jaru March 26, 2012

The broadcaster PJ told us the following complaint: around noon on Wednesday (March 21) he was alone on foot, near the old market Triangulina in Jaru, when a silver pickup truck stopped abruptly near him. 5 armed elements down, pushed his companion against the truck and took several punches on his back and chest. Asked the names of leaders of the closing of the bridge and the landowner who killed Daniel Stivanin. Once escaped, PJ took shelter at a nearby store. The companion has always supported the struggle of the peasants of the area Canaan and are afraid to register occurred because the police always stands against the peasant struggle.

The situation of Canaan and areas of the Sun Ray is extremely serious, a dump can occur at any time. The "justice" and the state-run Dilma (PT) by Incra and Agrarian only leave an outlet for the peasants to resist the eviction. Any conflict that occurs in those lands is the responsibility of the President Dilma (PT) and Judge José Augusto Alves Martins.

We call on workers from the countryside and city, students, merchants and Democrats to denounce the aggression against the broadcaster PJ and actively support the just struggle of the peasants for the sacred right to land.

The people want land, not repression!
Earth to those who live and work!
Immediate end to the evictions of the areas Canaan and Ray of the Sun!


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