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Saturday, March 10, 2012

More on Italy’s helping the Indian Government

From PCm Italy;

Workers Communist-PCm Italy
denounced the efforts of Italian imperialism in India.
The good deals are varied and Italian imperialism a central aspect
of them is the war industry, which is the parent Finmeccanica -
notice published in the article is attached to the character and nature
these bonds.

The Italian imperialism has made available to oil companies and Petrolierei
Italian soldiers in the framework of the so-called 'campaign against piracy',
that is, soldiers of the state to protect private interests and profits.
In this framework, two soldiers of the Battalion are accused of Sanmarco
killed two fishermen in international waters contiguous to India.
Considering the role of these soldiers and also the particular ideology of
them - one is definitely a fascist and racist Tarantino, supporter
An active chieftain fascist and racist quote - it is reasonable to think that
are actually guilty of the crime they are accused by the authorities
Indian and Indian law requires to be tried in India. Not
accept that they are processed in India is a manifestation of arrogance
imperialist by Italy.
Should also be noted that the Italian imperialism in this story is committed to
cover the liability of owners of the tanker, and soldiers
Italians and to safeguard the economic and political ties with India, which
As we noted at the beginning are centered mainly on
business of the war industry.

In Italy they are reactionary and fascist forces that nationally and Taranto
ride the cause of Fascists accused.
In India, the government and the reactionary forces are trying to ride-even
in electoral competition - the nationalist tiger on each other, not
to protect the lives of fishermen, which like all the masses of
region, are plagued by poverty and exploitation by the regime
Indian .. This affects the management of so-called justice

Communist Workers invites all proletarian forces in a position and a
information consistent anti-imperialist and give strength to the ties
internationalists with the Indian masses. These are expressed in
particularly from the International Committee supporting the people's war in
Already in the campaign in January 2012 this Committee in our country was
announced the preparation of a specific country on the links
Italian war industry and the Indian regime. The latest news on
This feed this need and this need.
We appeal therefore to all anti-imperialist realities in our country
decide actions and counter-complaint, files and principals ..

proletarian Communists - Italy PCm @
March 4, 2012

Deals of the Committee

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