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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The situation in Greece Part 2

The people and the working class of Greece struggle for the overthrow of imperialist brutality and subjugation.

From Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)/KKE(m-l);

Popular struggle and movement issues
From the very start of the recent imperialist and capitalist attack against the people, there was mass resistance and struggle. The great strike of May, 5th 2010, the demonstrations of June-July 2011, the popular uprising of October 2011 and the mass demonstrations of 12 February 2012 are the major steps of the ongoing struggle. Along with these there are dozens of strikes, hundreds of resistance focal points in workplaces, neighborhoods and towns, there are many student occupations and demonstrations. In all these struggles the people surpassed the limits that the obeisant trade unions have set. They also surpassed the political limits and machinations of the official Left and clashed with the state and its apparatus that have not hesitated to use any violent means to suppress the popular and workers’ struggle not stopping at even murderous provocations.
Even though these struggles could not stop the attack we are sure that only through struggle the people can defend their basic rights in life for justice and prosperity. The need for struggle and social uprising is fed by the social and political situation. The political issues of the struggle define the massiveness, the resolution and the durability against the political and ideological terrorism of the system, the ability to achieve small or greater victories.
The problems that these struggles face have their roots in the defeat of the communist movement, the capitalist restoration and the long ideological, political and organizational disarmament of the masses. Today our people –as in all over the world – is “pushed” by the imperialist-capitalist brutality to hasten the negation of these consequences and reorganize again and become a force of struggle and revolutionary perspective. This “negation”, that is the reorganization of the revolutionary movement and the socialist breakthrough can only be achieved in the path of mass struggle and movement.
We are opposed to these views and actions that try to find solutions for the system. Some of these forces inside the popular movement think that the capitalist system can be “regulated” and rational. These forces think that the force of the masses can be used in order to “blackmail” the system to accept the workers, the people and their rights as part of the system. Some others hope that the European socialdemocracy can change things through Eurobonds, Tobin taxes, opportunities for jobs, recourses and freedoms.
So we propose the grass-roots organization of the labor-popular independent struggle against the bourgeoisie and imperialism. We propose and fight for the formation of a Resistance Front that will unite politically and organizationally all focal points of struggle and will bring forward more and more working, popular, and youth forces into the field of class and political struggle. This struggle will have a anticapitalist-antiimperialist content, that will reject “alliances” in the Euro-parliament, in the big Media and the systemic parties. This struggle will form an antiwar-antiimperialist front along with the peoples of the Balkans, turkey, M. East, N. Africa, Europe, the whole World.
For Greece it is now clear that the revolutionary breakthrough of the working class and the people is irrevocably connected with the overthrow of imperialist dependence. Therefore we must exit the EU and NATO, oust the foreign bases, and break every military, political and economic bond with imperialism. The productive-economic problems of the country and foremost the debt issue cannot be seen or solved outside or before the revolutionary overthrow. It can only be seen as a whole. The proposals that seek solutions only on the debt issue are addressing the bourgeois camp and the imperialist contradictions. They present as realistic for the country the continuation of imperialist domination and the promise for a quick alleviation from its huge problems.
It is certain that the great class confrontation in Greece cannot be resolved quickly and easily in favor of the people. We stand at the beginning of a new historic cycle of struggles all over the world. The movement needs to organize itself in a revolutionary way, to recharge its weapons, and to organize all its forces in every way. The working class must organize as a class for itself and become the driving force that will liberate the country and society from the capitalist-imperialist yoke. All these cannot be surpassed so we can present a definite resolution today. The real nature of the system, the great threats to our people and the peoples of the region do not change and do not disappear if we refuse to see them. We fight for these exact needs today! We can only change the current balance of forces relying on the concrete conditions. The only real choice is to serve the popular struggle with common actions, with coordination of all forces that refer to the popular struggle, with the Resistance Front. We must therefore trust the power and the historical perspective that the people can map out and conquer.

Athens, February 2012
International Relations Bureau
Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

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