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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Solidarity with Indian popular masses resisting against war of the regime!

I’ve printed a lot of these statements of support for the Communist Party of India(Maoist). It is probably no surprise that I also support the effort of India’s Maoists. They have control of about ¼ the of the country side and they have supporters in other parts of the country. India is a large populated country with a growing economy and that will work in the Maoists favour if they should win power. Their movement has also inspired Maoist groups in nearby Ceylon, Bhutan, and Manipur.

So I join in with CARC in supporting the Maoist people’s war against Operation Green Hunt. -សតិវ តុ

From Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy;

No to Green Hunt operation!
No to the tourist commoditization of native people!

The CARC Party supports native popular masses’ resistance in Orissa and in the whole India, and supports the demands advanced by Communist Party of India(Maoist) for the release of the Italians arrested in Orissa while were sightseeing in a war zone.
The two Italians have been arrested in a territory controlled by the revolutionary forces, i.e. where these forces manage the power, and so the justice too, and provide for all people’s needs, since the State of Orissa and the central State  not only don’t do that, but on the contrary have been for a long time implementing a policy of lands’ dispossession and extermination of the population, that is hampered only by the armed resistance of the adivasis just led by Maoists, and by the growing opposition from all genuine democrats, pacifists, environmentalists in India and in the rest of the world, first among which is the well-known writer and activist Arundhati Roy.
The two arrested are so culpable as they agree to (and directly carry out) a work of infamous commoditization of native peoples, well detailed in the document of Orissa CPI(m) we enclose below. The tour operator (who incidentally comes from Susa Valley, where Italian State is trying to implement an operation belonging to the same nature as the one the Indian States and the central State are trying to carry on with Green Hunt Operation) since he has been acting locally for several years, was certainly up-to-date with the fact that in Orissa the adivasis photographed by the tourists he takes, are robbed of their land, humiliated, imprisoned, killed in jail, and the women raped, as CPI(m)’s document sets out.
Maoists’ action counts not only as a form of local resistance against brutal imperialist exploitation, but also because it enables our country’s popular masses to notice this natives’ heroic resistance against the dispossession of their own territory and against the extermination of the peoples inhabiting it to give place to the environmental devastation planned by multinationals in accord with state and central governments. Adivasis’ resistance belongs so to the same nature as the resistance the popular masses in Susa Valley are carrying out against their own valley’s military occupation and devastation, with the difference that here it is a matter of a territory as wide as France and Germany, populated by one hundred millions of people against whom governments are waging an atrocious and barbaric war, and where the resistance is led by one of the most advanced organizations of the International Communist Movement that is being born again: the CPI(m). The lands controlled by the popular masses organized by CPI(m) are the ones where a new power is being built, where popular masses determine their lot and build human and social relations of a new kind, in which there is no room for traffickers and mercenaries (tourist or military they may be).
Popular masses resisting in rural areas of India aim at changing the whole country, and so at turning their own resistance into the construction of a new society. Also Italian popular masses and who leads them have to pass from the resistance against poverty and war policies to proposing themselves as a force that manages the country, to forming an emergency government that defends us from the most devastating effects of the crisis, that stops the material and moral decay which the bourgeoisie and its system give rise to, and that is a basis for the construction of the different possible and necessary world, of a world where wealth is produced for collective welfare and not for individual profit, i.e. to create a socialist society, to make Italy into a new socialist country.
Italian popular masses which today are fighting against Monti’s government (and yesterday against Berlusconi and Prodi’s ones) have to build a new economic, social and cultural relations’ system, the people’s emergency government, a government which will also establish solidarity, cooperation, or exchange relations with other peoples and countries.
The regime propaganda, both in India and in Italy, obviously falsifies facts and tries to pass Italianism, and so racism, off as a tie among the popular masses of a country to support aggression and war policy against popular masses of other countries. We should consider those who tour a country tailing the exterminators of peoples, exploit and gain by the exoticism of some peoples or zones, as our brothers, as well as we should consider as our brothers the Italian marine who shot at Indian fishermen of Kerala, the mercenary troops following US imperialists who kill and humiliate the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. But our real brothers are workmen and popular masses fighting the same struggle of ours against barbarity, environment’s devastation, exploitation of human over human, and who build with us, in every corner of the world, the new history of humanity. Their struggle is ours: let’s support them, let’s develop initiatives against the war which Indian State has declared against its own people!

Long live Communist Party of India (maoist)!
Long live solidarity among peoples!
Let’s fight united in life, peace and natural environment’s defence!
No to exploitation, to devastation, to war!

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