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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Afghanistan-three strikes policy for clerics who speak out

When a conqueror as the US sets up a puppet “democracy” it requires trying to control the “hearts and minds,” As our government likes to say. That can often mean censorship. How can we change the minds of people whose country we stole, who have been subjected to a new government put together in a foreign land and all who have opposed it militarily been considered terrorists without controlling their minds.
 The Afghanistan people have never liked invaders and occupiers. They probably never really will. So censorship must be used to make sure no one preaches against the US Empire. That includes clerics during church services. Some have not preached to the likings of the US Occupiers. So now the local government gives clerics a warning and if it takes more than two, they are removed from their job. Imagine what churches would say in the US if our government had a law like that one. But Afghanistan is a poor country that has been taken over by a rich one, the US. We can be certain that Afghanistan will never be as developed as the US. At the same time the US will reap many rewards from having this colony in the Middle-east.   -សតិវ អតុ

From KUFH-fm;

“The ministry that governs religious affairs in Afghanistan has announced what some are calling a "three strikes" policy.
It's a warning directed at Muslim clerics, or imams, accused of inciting violence in their Friday sermons. Imams across the country routinely condemn the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and speak in favor of the Taliban.
Despite the rapid growth of the media in Afghanistan, many still get their news and commentary during the traditional Friday prayers at the mosque. The Friday sermon usually has one religious lesson - but another section is reserved for current events. The message on one recent Friday at a central Kabul mosque was about corruption.
The imam railed against corrupt politicians, but it was tame compared with what often comes over the loudspeakers. In rural areas, the sermons sometimes directly support the Taliban. Regular rants against the government and its American allies prompted the Ministry of Religious Affairs to put mosques nationwide on notice.”

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