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Sunday, May 20, 2012

France-An interview with interview with fellow factory workers Aulnay-sous-Bois

From The Red Flag,Organ of the Communist Party of France MAOA i ste;

A Google Translation;

Maintenance workers with PSA
Here is an interview with fellow factory workers Aulnay-sous-Bois. The workers at this plant are mobilizing against the planned closure of the site.

The Cause of the People

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What is the situation at PSA Aulnay-sous-Bois?

The climate in the plant has become unbearable. Sanctions and reports are increasing. A delay of 5 minutes is a report that can be followed by a penalty, and to get a snack after leaving his post, etc..

The pressures on staff are increasingly strong. Some zealous leaders harass workers even when they were highly rated, considered docile workers. They attack the weakest, those who fear defending themselves losing their jobs or their bonuses.

This harassment of workers leads to depression, sickness absence, resulting in loss of wages, even precarious, especially when there is only one income at home, outstanding credit, which can cause a degradation of the family atmosphere, and even a separation and even suicide for the most fragile.

How many jobs are threatened?

All jobs are threatened. Those over 55, 850 workers are on the frontline. The immediate management has established a plan called "mobility". What is this mobility plan: there is an office where you are free to go for information exchange. Six people care for you here.

In reality, information and advice are to encourage those who want to register to accept proposals for reclassification to either group or elsewhere, with benefits that will not replace a job. We quote the testimony of some who have accepted to leave. Doe was able to start a business, a cafe. We are not talking of those who found themselves a few months after reclassification to unemployment, nor of him that went bankrupt. There is good evidence of that. Because the goal is to degrease the Aulnay plant gently by encouraging workers to leave.

How many are there of temporary PSA Aulnay?
About 350.And what is the average salary?The average worker's wage is 1250 € net, the framework of € 2,500, that of an engineer € 5000.What are the major subcontractors?Even within the plant, PSA employs 1,000 workers of the company TRIGO, caring control parts and finish, subcontractor himself "rents" its workers at a temporary employment agency . Thus, on request, it may at any time remove or replace a worker without payment of compensation. This is very similar to the umbrella company.The austerity plan introduced by the group: to save money on everything!Now, sometimes it takes eight days to get a helmet or goggles, safety shoes, at the expense of safety. Before the cabinets were full.Policy direction, putting pressure on staff, is to prevent movement and collective aims to get as much performance as possible before closing they have provided in their restructuring plan, relocation. Playing hot and cold with the threat of closure.Their plan is to keep the unity of workers to train for liquidators oppose the plans of management and shareholders of PSA that have the sole objective of seeking maximum rate of profit in the shortest possible time.No matter that the workers are thrown onto the street. Engineers and high wages are themselves threatened. Once a model in place, we kept only the minimum because the austerity applies to all except the contractor's CEO Mr. Varin and his right-Denis Martin, those are away, they will be resettled and receive a nice bonus if they complete their plan to exterminate the workforce by the plant closure. This is the logic of the capitalist system which they are the instruments.What are the unions?The unions are meeting 2 times a week.The SIA, which before had a corporatist policy of collaboration with the boss, is itself in the crosshairs. Its members are also threatened by the closure of the plant.Like what it is useless to serve the boss because there is not rewarded but thrown out once the lemon, like the others.FO has an ambiguous position between protest and reconciliation.The CGT, CFDT, the GSC block.Basically what is needed is unity of union members and all those who are not.Would have in each workshop, each chain unit committees are being established.Qu'espèrent workers of a change of government?HollandAll await a true leader for the working class who shows the way of our emancipation, but above all, we, workers and workers must rely on our own strength, but also on the wider solidarity of the workers in front of struggle against plant closures and redundancies.Only struggle can enable us to prevent the closure!We must expand the resistance, mobilize without further ado, here in Aulnay and other group plants to prevent the closure, more initiatives, go to headquarters to demand the maintenance of the site and its production, which are the result work of thousands of men, here and upstream because only labor creates wealth, the profit of the capitalists is never the part that they have taken from our work. Nothing more. 
UNITED WE CAN HAVE THEM BACK! UNITED WE CAN OVERCOME!-------The Red Flag,Organ of the Communist Party of France MAOA i ste

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