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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guerrillas attack in Peru


09 de mayo de 2012,

 Lima, May 9 (Prensa Latina) A Peruvian soldier was killed today at the valley of the rivers Apurimac and Ene, and with this, the number of dead military increased to nine, in an attack of rebel group Sendero Luminoso.

  The action was confirmed by the Joint Command of the Peruvian Armed Forces in a press release saying that army officer Valentin Huanca died Tuesday at midnight, victim of a sniper.

The fact occurred in the base of Mazangaro, province of Satipo, central region of Junin, said the report.

The attack, similar to others sporadically registered in the region, and killed eight soldiers and police officers.

The Sendero Luminoso fraction limited its actions to this territory, then opened a new front in the jungle of Alto Urubamba, Cuzco, as reported

The casualties, and the fact that one of the missing police officers came back by himself and the dead body of the other that was recovered by his own father, not by the soldiers, generated a crisis, which is thought it was produced by the Peruvian Ministers of Defense and Interior.

The Congress is about to debate and vote in favour of a motion of censure against Peruvian Defense (Alberto Otarola) and Interior Ministers (Daniel Lozada).

If the motion is approved, it would force both officials to resign their respective posts but the government is defending them, since it believes their removal would be favourable for the rebels.

President Ollanta Humala admitted the civil population of the territories where the rebels are operating does not trust the soldiers.

Peruvian Prime Minister Oscar Valdes admitted that a part of the inhabitants is collaborating with Sendero Luimnoso.

Humala said that the axis of his policy, is to establish the presence of the government, by means of so called ´social works´ and ´services´ in the poorest territories where Sendero Luminoso is operating.

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