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Friday, May 04, 2012

May Day across the country

Surprisingly our own local The Wichita Eagle ran a few articles about May Day both here in the US and the rest of the world. The paper even ran a story about police in Oakland, Calif. using stinging gas that sent protesters fleeing a downtown intersection. That isn’t really surprising considering how brutal the Oakland Police usually act to any protests or acts of civil disobedience.  
The Kasama Project also ran stories about the May Day events nation-wide. They also ran a story of police abuse, where New York Police were sexually abusing women protesters.
Also in The Kasama Project I found a report of Enaa of Boston, who heard some great slogans I appreciate hearing at such a rally;

“War Machine!” “Shut it down!”
“1234 I Declare a Class War! 5678 Eat the Rich and the Smash the State!”
“No missiles, no tanks! We’ll burn your fucking banks!”
“We are many, they are few. One percent, we’re coming for you!”
Things were somewhat tame in Wichita, but that is not surprising. Seeing some of the people expressing their anger at the 1 percent ruling class, elsewhere as in Boston, was great!

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