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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day--Anarchist Black Block hits Oakland

While Yahoo News and others in the mainstream moan and bemoan anarchist inspired action, most of us should see this as righteous indignation over the brutal treatment of peaceful Occupy protesters who have followed the rules and been shot at with rubber bullets and teargas projectiles. The mainstream people don’t see any more legitimacy to closing a port down than smashing windows.
Should we really worry because some people are getting what they deserve? Should we really worry about people’s perceptions of us after mainstream news pundits have harped on the misconception that the Occupy Movement is just young hippies trying to relive the past.
The Black Block and their tactics are a problem for the 1 percent and their groupies. Let them fear retributions for the policies of brutality that they are willing to inflict against the Occupy Movement.  Yahoo News has an article: RELATED: Occupy Protesters Fear Losing the Spotlight to the 'Black Bloc'. According to many people who responded to that article is that they don’t like Occupy any way and see them as people who just want to take their money. The 1 percent and their lackeys should fear Occupy because many of us don’t just want a couple of compromises with the ruling class. We want to remove the ruling class from our government and economy. No one in power is going to be willing to just give that up. Nothing we do will make the 1 percent like us, nor their stooges who believe we are just hippies looking for handouts. Just let them fear us. -សតិវ អតុ

From Yahoo News;
A day that is expected to be filled with anti-establishment protests all around the globe began early last night with a roving band of "anarchists" smashing car windows and store fronts in San Francisco's Mission District. The mini-riot (which was technically on April 30, but still) may have started as a "ruckus street party" organized by Occupy Oakland protesters who invaded their sister city last night, but whoever was responsible appeared to show little regard for the property of either the 1% or the other 99.
RELATED: Oakland Braces for a 'General Strike'
Various witness accounts say a group of between 50 and 100 people moved down Valencia St. smashing windows, throwing paint balls, and even attacking an unsuspecting police station. The cops were apparently not prepared to make mass arrests and were slow to respond to the chaos, though it quickly broke up. The blog, Mission Local, has a good round up of the scene from last night.
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