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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

May first joint declaration - observations from Austrian Comrades

This is the first time I’ve received anything from this party, so I a posting it here.
-សតិវ អតុ
Comrades of Austria of Founding Committee for the (maoist) Communist Party [KG (m)KP], when signs May First joint Declaration have made some observations, that it is correct to make To know we also have critical notes on two points:

1) The class struggles in Greece are no issue of the document. We think that this is in view of the importance of this struggle a lack. The way of class struggles in Greece is a big question, especially for the European workers and people´s movements, but also for the communists, revolutionaries and anti-imperialists all over the world. An advance of the peoples and proletarian struggles in Greece could be a very important input for them and would be a important victory of the peoples against imperialism. The attacks of the imperialist rulers against the Greek masses are a important project of the imperialist European Union as well as the U.S.A., and on that way it is a important issue of the inter-imperialist contradiction (which you deal mainly in the issue of crisis)as well as for the contradictions between oppressed peoples and imperialists and between proletarians and capital. This is why we think that the issue of
class struggle in Greece should be a part of the 1st May document.

2) In the Document you wrote, that the CP of Philippines "upholds Maoism". We think that the CPP wage a very important and great revolutionary war against imperialism and its puppets, against the ruling classes in the Philippines.

This is why we think that it is correct and important to write about it in the 1st May document. But in fact on an international level the CPP holds up massively a form of the "Theory of Three Worlds", which is not a communist theory or strategy. We think that the passage "which upholds Maoism" should be deleted from the document as long as the international Line of the Philippine Comrades isn´t discussed in a deeper and more accurate way.

Communist Salutes,

Founding Committee for

the (maoist) Communist Party

[KG (m)KP]

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