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Monday, May 21, 2012

Protesters make it clear: “NATO must go!”

Protesters made it clear this weekend that the NATO is a terrorist organization to prop up a war machine that most people in the world don’t want. Some protesters were peaceful, while others were more militant. CBS focused more on the peaceful side and down played the more militant factions.

“But while some demonstrators were looking for trouble, for the most part the protests have been peaceful - something the city police superintendent noted amid the crowds along Chicago's lakefront.
"You're seeing us facilitating peaceful protests, protecting people, providing for the public safety, while at the same time being intolerant of crimes being committed," said Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.”

They downplayed police brutality including arresting people, mostly anarchist militants for petty vandalism and describing it as terrorism. One news agency said these militants intended to use Molotov Cocktails, which are not really bombs and not really that dangerous. Calling these people terrorism is clearly an exaggeration and an act of desperation on the part of the ruling class to control real dissent.
Again according to CBS;

“The ranks of the more violence-prone participants had been thoroughly infiltrated by undercover officers days ago, including three arrested last week who prosecutors accused of conspiracy to commit terrorism.”
Black Anarchist flags can be seen by some of the demonstrators. Most of the militant resisters who refused to let the police order them away seem to be heavily dominated by Anarchists. Some red flags were also present at the demonstration.
I was once an anarchist myself. Time led me to believe it took organization to break down the organization of the ruling class. These new militants are young and I have to believe their politics will go through metamorphism as they develop ideas for organizing a new society. I think many of us Marxists want the same basic thing.
The militancy of the Anarchist is not being wasted. The outright defiance alone should be a signal the ruling class they are not just going to have their way. Also, the more militant factions are getting better news coverage and they expose the violence inherent in the ruling class’s methods of control. The police are not much different than NATO. They figure if they can’t get what they want through the propaganda media, then force and violence are the next step. The Police Chief of Chicago has already defended his forces for beating activist with sticks.
As usual RT news gave better coverage of the clashes with police;
“Protesters have clashed with police as thousands of activists took part in an anti-NATO demonstration in Chicago, where the military bloc’s summit kicked off on Sunday. At least 60 people have been arrested.
The clashes occurred as the demonstrators were trying to push their way through a police line to the site of the meeting. Protesters threw plastic bottles and paint balloons at police which used batons against them. At least 12 people were injured. Prior to the incident, the march was largely peaceful.”

Story By សតិវ អតុ.

Photo by By: Loring Smith

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