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Thursday, May 24, 2012

With the Democratic Party attacks, Obama doesn’t need enemies

It amazes me to watch the Democratic Party lose election after election because they don’t defend each other and the run the lamest campaigns possible. Most Democratic candidates couldn’t win an election against an empty bag if their lives depended on it.
Who needs attacks from Mitt Romney when President Barack Obama’s own party is cutting him down for being hard on Romney? Obama was only pointing out that Romney’s Bain Capital laid off workers when he claims he’s going to create jobs.
According to Yahoo News;
“Obama's campaign has put out a biting TV ad featuring laid-off workers from a now-bankrupt steel company that was bought by Romney's Bain Capital. The ad suggests Romney was a "vampire" capitalist.
Obama tried to soften the edges when he told reporters he wasn't questioning private equity firms but Romney's claim that his business experience burnished his presidential credentials. At Bain, Romney worked to "maximize profit" for investors," not to benefit society, Obama suggested.
Even so, some prominent Democrats have questioned the strategy.”

Was he wrong about this? NO! Yet members of his own party are afraid to label Romney a corporate raider/vulture, which is exactly what he is. Apparently, Democrats are afraid to alienate the corporate ass-kissers that are already planning to vote for Romney.
Fox News took advantage of this news;

“The Obama campaign's sustained attack on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital record is driving a divide in the Democratic Party, with former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell becoming the latest Obama ally to criticize it as others double down on the strategy.
All the while, the White House may be encountering a mounting message discipline problem, with both sides of that divide now spouting commentary that's not exactly on the talking points memo.”

People on the far left have said for years that there is no fundamental difference between the Republicans and Democrats. In some ways they are right. But the labor unions and some working class people honestly believed that the Democrats would do a better job of taking their side on the issues. Women and minorities have also identified with the Democrats.
Lately the party seems to stand for nothing. They let the Republicans set the agenda. The Republicans have perfected propaganda efforts and learned what buttons to push on the common man(or woman)/middle class/workers. They offer nothing to poor, poor workers, sick, elderly, and immigrants but they seem to win without those people. They win by scapegoating them.
Now more than ever, voting has lost its meaning, if it ever really had one. The Democrats continue to be a spent force and seem to be following a trend that started clear in the 1980s. -សតិវ អតុ

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