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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dr. Tiller honoured for the 3rd anniversary of his death

A private party was held, last week at the Donut Hole, in Wichita, for the 3rd anniversary of Dr. George Tiller’s death. Tiller is one of the few abortion doctors to have done late term abortions. People came from all over the world to his clinic.
Tiller was murdered on May 31, 2009. Scott Roeder shot Dr. Tiller in the head during worship services at the Reformation Lutheran Church, in Wichita, where he was serving as an usher and handing out church bulletins.
Several people spoke out about their feelings on Tiller
“We lost a real hero when we lost Dr. Tiller,” said Diane Wahto.
“One day when Dr. Tiller came out and we were doing clinic defence, I told him it’s not fair that the antis (anti-abortionists) say we get all this blood money and we don’t get paid at all,” said Jim Erickson. “He gave all of us there that day a dollar. I mounted mine on this plaque.”
Julie Burkhart, of Trust Women, was on hand to MC the event. “We can’t let these folks get us down,” she said. “We’re going to put on foot in front of the other and keep going.”
Everyone present said they were going to continue to fight for abortion rights and counter the Thuggish tactics of the anti-abortion crowds.

Many friends of Tillers gave first hand accounts of their interactions with him.

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