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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Red Faction: Nepal’s communist revolutionaries forming new party

From the Kasama Project;

Ram Bahadur Thapa (aka Badal) has served as the  General Secretary of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal Maoist. He is also the leader of a new force, emerging out of the UCPN(M), that is seeking to form a new  party and retake a revolutionary road. The following interview with Badal was conducted by Upesh Maharjan in Red Star
1. How will you analyse the latest development in the Nepalese political scenario?
After the dissolution of the Constitution Assembly CA plotted by the external power, there are many illusions about the movement, anarchy and eruption among the people. As the status-quo could not utilize CA for their interest, they wanted to dissolve it. Thus an unconstitutional step had been carried out which invited the confusion and political disorder in Nepal.
2. Very often, your red faction had said that pro- people constitution could not be given through CA. Is it justified?
From beginning of the CA election, there have been many conspiracies plotted by the reactionaries. At that time also, we said that pro-people constitution and peace process couldn’t be made through it. What we said has been proved. They wanted to derail the peace process and constitution drafting so they asked for integration of People’s Army as their pre-condition. After the process of integration they easily derailed the process which means new efforts have to be organized. They have underestimated the verdict of the people.

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