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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wichita draws pro-life terrorist to a haven where they will build a monument

If there is one group I constantly get comments from it is the anti-abortion crowd. They must feel compelled to answer to every article, editorial, letter and posting on the topic of abortion. And they are usually extremely nasty and cruel in there comments.
Usually they call us baby killer and cheer that Dr. George Tiller is burning in hell along with all of his fans and supporters. Since I don’t believe in hell I just brush most of those off as ignorant and people whose mythical beliefs are more important than actual reality. For instance, do they really believe all the lies about Tiller being dedicated to money and having no real conscious at all. They don’t know the man, but the leadership of that movement have demonized Tiller and all abortionists with lies and distortions of the truth. To listen to them, abortion clinics are no cleaner than the back allies that abortionists used before the procedure was legalized. Some have accused abortionists of devil worship and others have lied about volunteers getting blood money to help women into Tiller’s clinic before it closed down.
They are Christians and yet it is fine for them to lie about people.
One comment I got from Otto’s War Room is from Anonymous and this person said;

“I was one of Dr. Tiller's attempts at abortion, one who lived; one of the very lucky few (he botched his procedure, so here I am). And I'm half blind because of that jerk. So, if you ask me about some memorial for Tiller, I say you're for the wrong guy. Instead, build it for Scott Roeder, "The Hero of Kansas." As as far as the pro-choice feminists who would have had me terminated, they can kiss off.”

First thing is that Anonymous hides his/her identity. No specifics given and it would not surprise me at all if this person was lying about the whole thing. This person did not consider the pain Tiller’s death inflicted on his family and many friends. Some of these people still grieve for a man who knew this could have happened, but believed he was serving women so he kept doing what he did while assholes, like the one above can call themselves pro-life while minimizing the value of a human being in their academic arguments on abortion.

I on the other hand had no intent on taking the high road. I responded;

“I’m truly sorry that your abortion was blotched. If there is one person in the world who I would love to have had aborted, you are one of them. The world would be a much better place without people like you and there are many like you who we really don’t need around….

I pulled no punches and maybe they are not used to being treated as they treat others. While that is not the end of the argument I made I did offer one of my favorite quotes;

“There is no gain in keeping you, no loss in getting rid of you.”-- The Angkar.
Many pro-life people have made a hero of Scott Roeder, such as the Army of God, and many pro-life leaders and members have used bombings, destruction of property and arson as means of trying to stop abortion. Operation rescue has Cheryl Sullenger, who serves as a senior policy advisor for the group. She and her husband, Randall, both pled guilty in 1988 to conspiring to blow up the Alavarado Medical Center abortion clinic with a gasoline bomb. She served two years in U.S. federal prison. Jennifer McCoy, convicted of committing arson upon two Virginia abortion clinics, also operates in Wichita, according to RH Reality Check.
And now they want to build a memorial to their brutal and violent achievements, here in Wichita to rub salt into the fresh wounds they have inflicted on women throughout this area. One of the biggest pushers for this memorial is none other than Mark Holick. Reality Check has done its homework in him too;

“Mark Holick may not be a well-known name nationally, but Wichita is very familiar with his anti-choice fanaticism, harassment of gays and the Islamic community. Holick’s hatred has even extended outside of the boundaries of Kansas. He was arrested in Wyoming for the distribution of graphic anti-choice materials at a Boy Scout fundraiser. Holick was so angered at the Jackson Hole community for their rejection of him and his fellow fanatics that he penned a lengthy diatribe to the local newspaper that included the defamation of several local churches, law enforcement, and other city officials…”

So for now all we can do is let the country know these people feed off of the misery of others and then build expensive monuments to them selves for being assholes.
We on the pro-choice side must fight them with every tool we have. -- សតិវ អតុ

Scott Roeder as we see him.

Army of god Gibberish.


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Lester E. Rees said...

Scott Roeder was a hero! Regardless of the lies you lie-beral communist traitors spew out, Scott Roeder will spend the rest of eternity in Heaven after he dies!!! Praise be to God for compelling Scott Roeder to kill the monster "Doctor" George Tiller!

Otto said...

He! he! he! Mr. Rees fancies himself a Christian and praises God for a Murderer...precious...