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Monday, August 27, 2012

(new)Italian Communist Party: Spread People’s Bloc Government

An excerpt from a document from the (new)Italian Communist Party;

An indispensable aspect of our struggle for building the People’s Bloc Government;

In the chaos the bourgeoisie and the clergy are casting humanity down, the communist world view shows the way to get safe and the new birth and the method for advancing!

Let’s win over the most advanced members of Workers’ and People’s Organizations to the communist world view!

Let’s win over all the people who still refer themselves to the old communist movement to the new communist movement!

Capitalism crisis is getting worse day by day. The bourgeoisie, the clergy and their institutions (in single countries, in the European Union and in the world imperialist system) day by day are taking measures pretending to end the crisis. But as a matter of fact those measures are worsening popular masses’ conditions without ending capitalism crisis, nor they could end it as each measure they take is only the immediate cure for one or the other of crisis symptoms. Besides worsening popular masses’ conditions, the real outcome of these measures is to prolong the life of world imperialist system and of the system of social relations inherited by the past, which the bourgeoisie and the clergy administrate and benefit from, which their privileges and power come from. Finally, bourgeoisie and clergy are saving time but worsening the illness.

This is the situation on the side of the activities the ruling classes are carrying out. But what is the situation on the side of the activities the oppressed classes are carrying out?

We Communists are giving the solution to capitalism crisis. It consists in eliminating capitalism itself. It means to substitute, in the ways, forms and times dictated by each country’s concrete conditions, the production of goods and services done by capitalist firms with the production done by public firms each one performing the tasks the institutions in charge of it entrust them in the context of a socially approved plan (this is qualitatively different both from State intervention in capitalist economy and from the development of a public sector of the economy in a context still dominated by capitalist firms). Therefore it’s a solution the popular masses are quite able to perform organizing and mobilizing themselves around a communist government. How far are we today on this way?

We Communists are protagonist of an international movement, as by now the system of social relations created by the bourgeoisie has connected each country’s life with the life of the rest of the world in such a way that our country’s destiny is inseparable from that of the rest of the world. But just because of this connection, the whole of world international relations reflects itself in our country’s small way, and so we can understand in detail them studying the relations among classes, groups and individuals of our country. Furthermore, just because of this connection the first imperialist country that will take the right way for curing the present capitalism crisis will open the way also to the others. In fact, so as it’s unavoidable that every country will take this way in its own times and circumstances, so not everyone together neither in the same way, it’s also impossible that a country could go alone along to the end.

Mainly because of this the (new)Italian Communist Party concentrates his attention and efforts on socialist revolution in our country. So, how far are we in Italy as regards the way above mentioned?

As for our country, the Monti-Napolitano board is the most rightist, authoritarian and reactionary government the Papal Republic ever had. In front of the crisis getting worse and of this presumptuous, reactionary and powerless government that is not even able to reach the goals it proclaims (today spread and unemployment are higher than in mid November 2011, at the end of Berlusconi’s government) in popular masses’ field there is a growing unrest, but done by disjointed movements that in some measure are even paralyzing each other (as for example movements against environmental devastation and struggles to defend jobs) instead of exalting and strengthening each other until composing a powerful movement able to attack the roots of the illness that is destroying our country and the rest of the world.

Why in our country the movement of the popular masses is still at this stage?

The main obstacle to develop a wide, powerful and successful movement, the obstacle we need to remove, otherwise our efforts to end the crisis will be powerless, is communist party’s weakness in political field (that is in terms of particular lines and concrete initiatives) and in organizational field (that is in terms of number of people recruited in Party’s ranks and of number and level of its organizations).

We founders of the (new)Italian Communist Party promoted the reconstruction of the communist party after that the decade-long work of corruption and corrosion gradually carried out (since the end of the Forties) by the modern revisionists finally perverted the old Italian Communist Party, that in 1989-1991 was eventually dissolved. In 2004 we founded the new ICP, on the basis of the communist world view and of the stock of the experience of the communist movement, world view and stock exposed in our Manifesto Program. Then we opened the phase of Party’s consolidation and strengthening and we are well aware that the completion of this phase conditions the progress and effectiveness of popular masses’ movement. We are not egalitarian as the bourgeois democrats (they are satisfied with proclaiming equality and in practice continue to maneuver the popular masses for their purposes). We are neither mere supporters of grass roots initiatives as the professed or virtual anarchists who refuse the organized and conscious work of the promoters of an enterprise that’s just the most difficult the humanity has to do, and by its nature consists mainly in transforming the oppressed classes in conscious and organized classes protagonists of their history. One of the fixed points the stock of communist movement’s experience got is that socialist revolution doesn’t break out, but is a protracted revolutionary people’s war promoted and directed by the communist party.

Which is the main obstacle preventing the new Italian Communist Party from becoming a party not only ideologically advanced (that is to say on the plane of the world view guiding it) but also politically advanced and organizationally strong?

The main obstacle is the ideological backwardness of

1. the main part of the promoters and leaders of the Workers’ Organizations and of the People’s Organizations, and

2. of the many thousands of people who in our country want to be communist, declare themselves communist and believe to be communist (because they are so in the way that modern revisionists presented communism and taught to be communist): a big whole more or less or not at all organized that from now on we indicate with the single denomination of “would-be Communists” (…).

In what sense the ones and the others are ideologically backward?

The backwardness of the main part of promoters and leaders of Workers Organizations [WO] and People’s Organizations [PO] and of the “would-be Communists” consists in the fact that actually everyone of them, with more or less originality or individual autonomy devises, imagines and pursues solutions for the crisis suggested by the common sense, that is by one of the versions of the common mentality essentially suggested by the bourgeoisie and the clergy. That is to say, they are in the situation existing before the foundation of the communist movement by K. Marx and F. Engels, more than 160 years ago.

More than 160 years ago it took place what F. Engels called “the evolution of socialism from utopia to science”. K. Marx and F. Engels indicated then (Manifesto of the Communist Party) the goal the conscious and organize communist movement had to pursue, working it out from

1. the understanding of human kind evolution, that was eventually come in Europe to the bourgeois society as its provisional stage, and by

2. the understanding of conditions for overcoming it that were forming in the bourgeois society itself.

The human kind was going to overcome the bourgeois society not on the basis of arbitrary and inventive solutions, but starting from the contradictions of the stage it got to and making use of the means formed in themselves: shortly and in the abstract, combining freedom and necessity. The communist world view was the doctrine come out of this most advanced understanding of human history.

Since then it became “historically overcome” (1) the role of nobles, priests, bourgeois, intellectual and other men more or less ingenious or good willing people who bend moved and worried over the misery and the social conditions unworthy of its level of civility which the bourgeoisie relegated the workers in (but in other ways the same was true for the peoples of the colonies, for the women and the other oppressed peoples), and who devised, propagandized and sometimes even tried to realize systems and solutions (labor legislation, cooperatives, etc.) that according to their purposes should have mitigated misery and improve social conditions of workers. Since when the communist movement was founded, emancipation of workers from the capitalists, overcoming bourgeois society and passage to Communism became more and more the goals openly declared which millions and millions workers of capitalist and oppressed countries organized themselves and struggled for: it has been a powerful movement joined by the most advanced part of the peoples of the colonies, of the women and other groups oppressed by the world imperialist system and the advocates of all progressive causes.
1. We say that a relation or an institution (and the category reflecting it in human mind) is historically overcome when human kind evolution created such conditions that that relation or institution does not perform or cannot perform anymore the role which it has been born to perform.

A relation and institution can be historically overcome but it can continue to exist in deed. In Extremism, Infantile Disease of Communism (1920), Lenin shows the indisputable fact that the representative democracy (parliamentarism) was “historically overcome”, but in the political struggle as a rule the communist party had to struggle also on the parliamentary field and in general in the field of representative democracy, because this institution was not overcome in deed.

Also capitalism is historically overcome.

Also the law of labor- value is historically overcome.
This movement led to the first wave of proletarian revolution that in the first part of last century involved the entire world and roused the will of all the classes and the peoples oppressed by the world imperialist system.

The exhaustion of the first wave of proletarian revolution resulted in Soviet Union and popular democracies’ break up and in the integration (even if in conflict with the old imperialist countries, US firstly) of the People’s Republic of China in the world imperialist system. It not only gave again free hand to bourgeoisie and clergy, but it gave again to the bourgeois leftwing hegemony over the popular masse, it allow room for any kind of daydreams and to the remedies devised by men of genius but closed in the horizon of bourgeois society or of more backward societies. Somehow class struggle (so as otherwise oppressed peoples’ struggle) has got back to the stage before the foundation of the communist movement, as if the communist movement would have really shown its failure and communism should be really dead. The large-scale constitution of WO and PO is the positive inheritance of the first wave and a patrimony which play on to, while the orientation of their promoters and leaders so as that of the “would-be Communists”, their actual subjection (even if “everybody” will protest facing this sorry truth) to the bourgeois or clerical world view, their return to fantasies and utopias, are the outcomes of its exhaustion. Instead of posing the goal of communism that is also the solution of the crisis which we are plunged into and that worsens day by day, they waste their energies and those of WO and PO in thousand solutions and aspirations suggested by the common sense, that is to say widely by the bourgeois or clerical world view.

Here comes from the problem of the ideological backwardness of great part of the promoters and leaders of the WO and PO and of the “would-be Communists”. We Communists have to solve this problem for consolidating and strengthening the communist party. To face this backwardness, to lead at least a part of promoters and leaders of WO and PO and of the “would-be Communists” to assimilate the communist world view and to join up communist party’s ranks is not the whole work but is an important part of the work we Communists must do today for creating the conditions of the constitution of the People’s Bloc Government: to really lead each Workers and People’s Organization to pose the constitution of the People’s Bloc Government as a common goal, in which each one of them sets its particular, founding and constitutive one, to multiply the number of WO and PO (to organize the popular masses, to widen the area of the organized popular masses), to develop the coordination with the other WO and PO on territory and thematic level, to promote the ungovernability from below (the ungovernability from above advances on its own: let’s see the difficulties of Monti-Napolitano board, the break out of the scandal of the role performed by Napolitano in the “State - Mafia talks” in the first Nineties, the dissent of the Industrialists’ Confederation towards Monti-Napolitano board, the contradictions between Papal Republic institutions, etc.), to develop and strengthen the pressure of WO and PO on the leaders of trade unions’ leftwing and on the exponents of the civil society and of the bourgeois leftwing in order to make them constitute a Shadow Government and propose themselves for constituting the People’s Bloc Government.
Overcoming the ideological backwardness of most of the promoters and managers of WO and PO and “would-be Communists” is up to us Communists. If we Communists shall not adequately dedicate energy and resources in this part of our work, we shall not play our role.

In order to effectively carry out the work aimed at consolidating and strengthening the Party, we have to combine the demonstration in practice, given generously to the extent permitted by our few present forces, the effectiveness of the communist world view as a method of understanding and transforming reality (political work towards WO and PO, towards the trade union leftwing, towards the civil society in revolt, towards the bourgeois leftwing and in general towards all groups and individuals breaking off with institutions, regulations and the laws of the Papal Republic), with the struggle in theory, propaganda, with education, etc.. Strengthening education in our own ranks, the campaign for the study, assimilation and diffusion of the communist world view (propaganda and education courses), the work on workers (…), the formation of clandestine Party Committees in the firms, the departments and the territory (…) are as many sectors of this work.
The new birth of the communist movement on the basis of the communist world view, of scientific socialism and so today of Marxism -Leninism-Maoism is a necessary condition for the movement of the masses to become a broad and powerful movement, able to make the transition today humanity is facing.
The Central Committee calls to perform this task each organization and member of the caravan of the (n)ICP, each organization and comrades who want to be communist and aim to “rebuild the communist party,” each member of the popular masses, in particular, and each promoter and leader of WO and PO decided to find a solution to the problem that the masses have to solve.

(new)Italian Communist Party
Central Committee

BP3 - 4, rue Lénine - 93451 L’Île St Denis (France)

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