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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The New Synthesis of Communism and the Residues of the Past

The following is a translation into English of an important polemic in this special number of Aurora Roja [Red Dawn] that takes up questions like some positive and negative lessons of the socialist revolutions in the past, the new communism and the new vision of socialism, considerations regarding the positions of the parties who led the people's wars in Peru and Nepal, internationalism and the current struggle over how to achieve the international unity of revolutionary communists, as well as the contrast between the scientific method of dialectical materialism and the pragmatism and instrumentalism so widespread today. It is the position of the Revolutionary Communist Organization, Mexico (RCO,M) on the current struggle in the international communist movement. The magazine also includes documents from the positions criticized for the reader's reference.

In English:
Read on line: AR17_ENG.pdf
Free download: Download AR17_ENG.pdf

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