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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Legal abortions to return to Wichita

According to all the local news media, the Trust Women Foundation has bought the clinic of former Dr. George Tiller and plans to offer women’s services including early term abortions.

This is a big loss for Operation Rescue and other rightwing Christian groups that harassed and finally assassinated Tiller to shut down his clinic. They wanted to declare Wichita an “abortion free city.” After enduring their harassment and taunts for years, as a clinic defence person all I can say is; Haaa! Haaaa! Haaaaaa! -សតិវ អតុ

According to KWCH Channel 12 News;

“Foundation confirms plans to offer abortion services in Wichita

The Trust Women Foundation has confirmed it has purchased and plans to offer abortion services in Dr. George Tiller’s former clinic.

Eyewitness News also confirmed the purchase through the Kansas Secretary of State's Office.

For the video click here.

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