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Monday, September 17, 2012

Raw Video: Occupy Wall Street Arrests

Today’s protest was Occupy’s one year anniversary and as usual, the police showed up to arrest those who defied the law. People shouted “the whole world is watching,” but for the most part, the police just didn’t care. There is a new arrogance of the US ruling class that they can do what they want and treat dissidents as they want and no one can interfere with that.

The fact that they could get 1,000 people out today shows they still have some supporters even if this movement has lost some of its numbers from last year. The Occupy institutions are here to stay and the US will never go back to business as usual. -សតិវ អតុ

According to Rueters;

"A lot of media is saying that Occupy is dying down, but I think the fact that over 100 people were arrested this morning shows that Occupy is still part of the conversation," said one protester, Caleb Maupin, 24, of Queens.
"We've been locked out, people my age don't have much chance of getting a job, so we have to do something to get people's attention," Maupin said.



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