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Monday, September 10, 2012

Local School District should develop local talent

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Our Local School District is looking for new teachers. According to The Wichita Eagle they are spending up to $50,000 to recruit people from around the country looking for special education teachers. Supposedly the school system is having a hard time finding qualified special-ed teachers.
What they haven’t looked at is the possibility of spending that money to train people who already live in this area. There are lots of people taking education classes in this area, at the major schools, such as Wichita State University, Newman University or Friends University. Why don’t they offer to train someone local?
They have also laid many teachers off over the last several years. Why don’t they offer to retrain some of those people instead of just getting new people and then throwing away our local experienced teachers?
Other high-demand areas include math, science, English as a Second Language and consumer sciences. A few years ago the district decided they needed math teachers so they went to the Philippines to get them. Again I question the cost of moving teachers from across the world versus the cost of retraining a local teacher who already has some math skills.
The Local School District has shown that they don’t value local citizens, nor do they trust the schools, universities and institutions that are supposed to train people in this state for the jobs that are here. Local institutions should look to their own local talent rather than giving outsiders priority.

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