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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Resistance is Legitimate and Necessary: Statement against repression in San Francisco

I have been following a debate on Kasama Project over the use of Black Bloc tactics. In general I favour such tactics, but at the same time I can see where those who use these tactics may clash with others who don’t. Overall, I like the Black Bloc tactics and I think their action of defiant resistance are better than organizing tactics that just haven’t brought out the numbers necessary to affect any change in the status quo. The Kasama Project just ran Boots Riley on Blac Bloc Tactics in Bay Area and An anarchist replies to Boots Riley…

Anyone interested in the exchange can click on those titles. I have chosen to run  this article; -សតិវ អតុ

The following statement comes from our comrades at Red Spark.

On Columbus Day weekend, people from around the country met in San Francisco for the Decolonize the New World Convergence, a four-day anti-colonial, anti-capitalist event to speak out against 500-plus years of colonization and genocide. During the march on Saturday, police harassed, attacked, and arrested 22 participants.
We in the Red Spark Collective stand in solidarity with those arrested in San Francisco. In our collective struggle against this system, resistance is both legitimate and necessary.
The media has echoed police assertions that demonize the “Black Block street gang”. Contrary to this characterization, the black bloc is a specific tactic. Furthermore, their portrayal is a part of a broader atmosphere of repression that paints those who resist as domestic terrorists. The implications of this are chilling, especially given the context of the severe and ongoing repression, whether it is Grand Juries, militarized home raids, or the NDAA. In fact, it is often difficult to imagine a future where people will even be able to attend protests or be opposed to the status quo without hiding their identity for fear of tyrannical surveillance and violence from the political police.
After the last year of uprising around the globe, the state clearly understands the deep hatred people feel against this old world. It is right to fight for a new world. It is right to support those facing repression for doing so.
We call on our friends and comrades to support the arrestees by making contributions to their legal funds.

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