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Saturday, December 15, 2012


From Maoist_Revolution;

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Weekly Statement of Workers Revolution Against Milton assassination of Enrique Rivas, USO leader:The workers' blood is fertilizer for the Revolution!Yesterday was vilely murdered partner Enrique Rivas Milton Parra, leader of the Workers' Trade Union (USO) in Meta and the Permanent Assembly workers TERMOTECNICA company, working with blood spraying the oil fields of the plain.Fellow Milton Enrique Rivas had been threatened by leading the struggle of the workers and residents of the area against Pacific Rubiales and its contractors. These threats did not bend to his intense demanding direct recruitment and indefinite, rising wages, health and education for people and nature protection. That was the reason why capitalists reaped his life.That is the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie, the Santos government and the bourgeois state! Exert its class dictatorship against the workers. Milton murdered union leaders, while tearing their hair declaring respect for human rights calls! They speak of peace in their comfortable guayaberas in Havana (Cuba), while in Puerto Gaitán (Meta), plain inside, send their thugs to threaten and kill trade unionists.Bourgeois dream if you think killing the partner Milton Enrique Rivas, will silence the powerful voices of workers and will stop fighting infamy!Now will the rulers and capitalists to declare that this heinous crime was the work of "dark forces", struggling to hide such forces are funded and operate under the oil companies and the bourgeois state, landowner and pro-imperialist.The proletarian revolutionaries repudiate this new affront to the working class, condemn the state and the oil companies and express class solidarity with the family of murdered comrade.We extend to peers from the Trade Union (USO) our voice of encouragement, calling them to not falter in the just struggle for the rights of workers and against the criminal imperialist bourgeoisie and its partners.We called the proletariat in general, workers and residents of the particular goal to transform pain into strength, not to forget the bloodshed, to continue in the fight to curb the abuses of the capitalist and root out oppression, exploitation and misery of the workers.State Terrorism Down!Live the just struggle of the oil workers!Journalist Spokesman Workers RevolutionDecember 12, 2012
Journalist Spokesman n Workers RevolutionDecember 12, 2012
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Periódico Revolución Obrera

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