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Saturday, December 01, 2012




November 30, 2012
Oppose the brutal offensives of the Indian Ruling Classes!
Intensify People’s War & Defeat
the ‘Operation Green Hunt’ – ‘War on People’!
Oppose and fight back the deployment of Indian Army in Bastar in the guise of
establishing training camp for suppression of the revolutionary movement!
Call of the Central Military Commission – CPI (Maoist)
On the occasion of the PLGA 12th anniversary celebrations
Dear comrades, beloved people!
People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) was formed on December 2, 2000 for
the victory of Indian New Democratic Revolution as part of the World Socialist
Revolution and as a detachment of the International Army of the Proletariat in
the path shown by the great revolutionary teachers of the Indian revolution
Comrades Charu Mazumdar and Kanhai Chatterjee. By December 2, 2012 it would
complete 12 years of its formation. The Central Military Commission (CMC) is
giving a call on this occasion to conduct 12th PLGA anniversary weekly
celebrations in all the guerilla zones and red resistance areas and to expand by
intensifying guerilla warfare to defeat through People’s War - ‘Operation
Green Hunt’ (OGH) (War on People) carried on by the exploiting ruling classes.
In the past one year nearly hundred beloved daughters and sons of the oppressed
masses and common people laid down their most invaluable lives. The leader of
the Indian revolutionary movement, General of People’s War, our Politburo
member and the beloved son of the oppressed masses – Comrade Mallojual
Koteswarlu alias Kishenji lost his life in a fake encounter in the conspiracy of
the Central and Bengal state governments and the central intelligence agencies
including the Bengal SIB. Dandakaranya Special Zone Committee member Comrade
Harak (Srikant) was martyred due to ill-health, North Telangana Special Zone
Committee member Comrade Gundeti Sankar (Seshanna) was martyred due to snake
bite and Bihar-Jharkhand-North Chhattisgarh Special Area leader Comrade Ajay
Ganju was martyred in the hands of the enemy in Kunda forests of Chhatra
district of Jharkhand. Comrade Siddharth Burgohain, leading team member
(Regional Committee level) of Asom was martyred in a fake encounter along with
three comrades. In Dandakaranya Comrade Vijay (South Regional Committee member)
was martyred in an accident and senior party activist comrade Swaroopa (Sunita)
was martyred due to ill-health. Comrade BSA Satyanarayana, leader of working
class movements and people’s lawyer, Comrade Goru Madhava Rao, veteran of
Srikakulam Struggle and epitome of staunch communist commitment, Comrade Penduru
Bhim Rao, Adivasi leader breathed their last this year. Nearly 60 common people
and activists of mass organizations and Revolutionary People’s Committees lost
their lives due to police brutality. 19 unarmed people were killed in cold blood
in the Sarkinguda massacre in the Basaguda area of Bijapur district in
Dandakaranya. Let us pay red homage to each one of these martyrs and vow to
fulfill their dreams.
The Indian ruling classes are implementing in a structured manner the
counter-revolutionary LIC strategy under the guidance of the U.S. imperialists
with the aim of wiping out the Indian revolutionary movement. The various
tactical counter offensive campaigns and military actions taken up as part of
resistance by the PLGA in the past one year in various guerilla zones to resist
this had a good political impact. A total of 114 police died and
more than 191 were injured in several single actions, operations and ambushes
such as – the ambush near Gorgonda (Sukma) on the vehicle of Koya Commando
commanders Kartam Surya and Kicha Nanda, the massive brave ambush conducted on
the convoy of CRPF and CoBRA forces near Pusutola (Gadchiroli), Irpugutta ambush
(Kanker), Kirandul night ambush (Dantewada), the ambush on butcher Mahendra
Karma, the leader of Salwa Judum (Dantewada) – all in Dandakaranya; the
valiant ambush on mine-proof vehicle near Bargarh (Garhwa), Kharanji Tungi
ambush (Latehar), the brave attack on the enemy helicopter in Labhar forest area
(Latehar), the ambush on NH-2 (Latehar), the attack on the escort vehicle in
Giridih town & release of eight Maoist prisoners – all in Jharkhand; the
battles waged by PLGA on the CRPF and CoBRA forces on the same day in Baltor and
Dumaria forests in Gaya district of Bihar, the ambush on mine-proof vehicle near
Sakarbandha; the Janniguda (Dyke 3) ambush (Chitrakonda-Balimela road), the
single action in Sileru – in AOB; the Badarpanga ambush in Odisha (Kandhamal),
the night ambush in North Telangana and the Gaoltor ambush in West Bengal
(Lalgarh). PLGA seized 29 weapons from them. Due to the guerilla actions of the
PLGA the ruling classes were forced to deploy more forces in our areas and to
decentralize forces in vast areas. As a result, PLGA forces were successful in
fighting back the enemy offensive.
From mid-2011 the ruling classes increased their offensives on the movement
areas. These operations are being carried out with the aim of damaging our
movement areas and damaging our coordination by cutting up our areas into parts.
Massacres like the one at Sarkinguda on the people and murders of activists are
increasing. Reactionary gangs like Salwa Judum, Nagrik Suraksha Samity, TPC,
SPM, Harmad Bahini, Bhairav Sena, Santi Committee and Santi Sangam, secret
vigilante gangs, police, paramilitary and commando forces are together resorting
to such massacres. The National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) to be newly
formed by the central government to fight back Maoists and ‘terrorists’
would turn out to be the ‘biggest threat even to the namesake sovereignty,
peace, security, freedom, democracy and right to live of the people’.
The Indian government is deploying Army to wipe out the revolutionary movement.
They are constructing all the infra structure needed for the offensives to be
conducted by the Army and the Air Force. Air Bases are being built in several
areas in Chhattisgarh (CG), Vidarbha, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Bihar, Jharkhand and
Odisha for conducting Air Force attacks in support of the Army offensives. There
are building 400 fortified police stations in the four tri-junctions –
AP-CG-Maharashtra; AP-CG-Odisha; CG-Jharkhand-Odisha and Odisha-West
Bengal-Jharkhand and strengthening carpet security. They are giving training,
weapons and equipment to their forces to fight back any kind of attacks by our
PLGA forces. They are speeding up their preparations for drone (UAV) attacks and
are concentrating on annihilating the leadership in the field. The central
government decided to build 2200 communication towers in areas of Naxalite
influence. With the aim of keeping surveillance on the movements of guerillas in
thick forests they launched Resat-1 satellite in end April 2012. They are
intensifying reforms with the aim of splitting the revolutionary camp and
increasing the social base of the exploiting classes. They are economically
benefiting a section of people amongst the political leaders, officials,
contractors, tribal elders/bad gentry, rich and middle peasants and are
utilizing them as their social base. They are waging incessant psychological
warfare by propagating on one hand that socialism-communism are outdated and
that they can never emerge victorious and on the other hand are urging those
inside revolutionary camp to join the police or as informers by deserting the
revolutionary movement as they would be wiping it within 5-10 years and as they
could never win. They are encouraging liquidators like Savyasachi Panda and
trying to fizzle out the movement.
Resorting to heinous, cruel and inhuman offensives on the revolutionaries and
the oppressed masses to hand over billions of dollars worth riches to the
imperialist corporations, loot of resources and wiping out the alternative
people’s political power that is budding under the leadership of the Maoist
party is the aim of the Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters. CMC
is calling upon the oppressed masses and all well-wishers of the people to
defeat the offensive of the Indian State by intensifying the People’s War and
democratic and political agitations all over the country.
Dear Comrades, beloved people!
The financial crisis of world capitalism is deepening and expanding further. The
imperialists are contending with each to loot all kinds of sources (human,
material) in the backward countries apart from increasing exploitation on the
workers and middle classes in their countries in order to overcome this crisis.
Attacks on Sikhs, East Asians, South Asians, Muslims and Arabs increased a lot
as racism is increasing outrageously in the imperialist countries. Workers,
youth, women and middle classes are agitating in several European countries
against these neo-liberal economic policies. Proletarian parties and progressive
people’s organizations are gaining strength again. Anti-imperialist struggles
are intensifying in various forms in all the backward countries. As pro-U.S.
rulers had again come to power after the Arab Spring in another guise, people
are inevitably realizing the need to choose the revolutionary path. Resistance
struggles of oppressed nationalities are continuing in several countries. Muslim
people rose like a storm all over the world against the U.S. film that insulted
Islam. Advancement of People’s Wars in Philippines and India, revolutionary
forces separating
themselves from the UCPN (M) in Nepal by opposing its revisionist line, Maoist
forces being active in countries such as Turkey, Peru and Bangladesh etc, Maoist
organizations and anti-imperialist organizations in several European countries
taking up several programs in solidarity to the ongoing People’s War in our
country - are all favorable phenomena.
All the fundamental contradictions in our country are intensifying due to the
neo-liberal economic policies implemented by the governments. The rich are
becoming super rich while the poor are turning paupers. 77 percent of the
country’s population is not even in a position to spend 20 rupees a day and
suffering from utter poverty. Scams that came to light recently exposed the
likes of Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadhra, central ministers Sarad Pawar, Salman
Khurshid and BJP president Nitin Gadkari thoroughly. These economic disparities
and corruption are leading to social unrest and are turning into a source for
revolution. Adivasis and other peasantry are fighting for Jal-Jungle-Zameen and
against displacement. Peasantry is fighting against cut in agrarian subsidies,
for fair prices, against adulteration in fertilizers and pesticides, for
electricity and for preservation of seeds. People are fighting against price
rises, unemployment, famine and starvation deaths. Retail traders are fighting
against foreign direct investments. Indian Airlines-Air India pilots, bank and
insurance employees, workers and students are fighting against privatization in
their sectors. Thousands of workers who were on roads due to lock out of Maruti
Suzuki in Gurgaon waged militant struggles. Artisans, fishing communities,
women, Dalits, Adivasis – all sections of people are fighting against loss of
livelihood and against the exploitation of land lords, comprador bureaucratic
bourgeoisie (CBB) and imperialists. In spite of severe repression nationality
struggles of the Kashmir and North East for national liberation and independence
are rising repeatedly. CMC is calling upon the Indian oppressed masses,
patriotic and democratic forces to intensify the People’s War which is
decisive and democratic and political agitations with the slogan ‘Let us seize
political power through People’s War’.
The reason behind the utter poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and malaises is
the exploitation and oppression of Indian big land lords and CBB who are both
lackeys of the imperialists. PLGA is fighting with the political aim of
establishing a new democratic society where such exploitation and oppression end
and a socialist system where there are no economic and social inequalities. We
are carrying on armed struggle in the inevitable conditions where this political
aim cannot be achieved through peaceful means or in the path of bourgeois
parliamentary elections. Several struggles failed in achieving this aim using
the above methods during the British colonial rule and in the post-colonial
days. Our struggle is neither extremism nor terrorism. This is solely the foul
propaganda of the central and state governments. They are propagating that our
People’s War is extremism and terrorism with the aim of gaining legitimacy for
their fascist offensive on the revolutionary movement. All these exploiters who
are mortgaging our country to the imperialists and resorting to scams worth
billions of rupees are all betrayers of our country. We are calling upon the
people to overthrow these exploiting classes and betrayers of the country and
participate in the People’s War ongoing for seizure of political power of the
oppressed masses and join the PLGA that is waging this People’s War. Anna
Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal who are claiming that they would end corruption are
all apologists of the exploiting system in our country. They would be able to
bring only some namesake reforms like the Lokpal. Believing them would be
deceitful. We are calling upon workers, peasants, students, intellectuals,
doctors, lawyers, journalists, artisans, Dalits, Adivasis, women, various
minorities, various nationalities, patriots and democrats to participate in the
People’s War ongoing for sovereign, independent, democratic India based on
freedom, independence and equality and join the PLGA that is leading this
People’s War.
Conduct meetings, rallies, demonstrations on a huge scale in each and every
village, nook and corner to propagate the political aim of the People’s War
waged by the PLGA and to defeat the Operation Green Hunt!
Note : On this occasion we would not observe 'Bandh'. Using this call police
creating that type of 'Bandh' atmosphere. Don't believe it.

For Central Military Commission
CPI (Maoist)


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