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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Groups around the world celebrate Mao Zedong’s Birthday

To many of us, Mao Zedong(
was among the most important Marxist theoretician in the 20th century.
Unlike other Marxist theoreticians, he had run a country for many years and led a successful revolution, so he had actual experience to rely on, rather than just theory. He made a lot of mistakes, but the important thing is that he quickly learned from them and fixed them quickly before things would get worse.
No leader is perfect, but I think there is little doubt among many of us that he was the best leader the 20th century had to offer. He is still liked and respected in China today for his contributions to the founding of the People’s Republic of China and many people still look up to him, with respect and admiration today. His theories have spread across most of Asia today, as well as parts of Europe. Even in the US there is a revival of Maoist of one form or another. We are still a minority here, but I think that a revolutionary situation is coming to the US, including the Occupy Movement, the black bloc groups and of course many of us on the left are studying ways of spreading our influence and appealing to the common man, who in this country is little more than a consumer oriented wage slave.
Since this is an important occasion for so many groups around the world, I will be posting these as they come in;

-សតិវ អតុ


It is the December 26th Declaration
Rishi RaJ Baral
Defend Marxism- Leninism- Maoism
December 26th is the Birthday of the  Comrade Mao Tse -Tung. The Maoist Parties and the Communists of the world celebrated the 119th Birthday of  the  great leader Comrade Mao Tse-Tung, with a great enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit. Communist Party of India (M-L) [Naxalbari], Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, Maoist Communist Party – Italy released a joint press statement. Likewise on 26 December a joint statement was released by 9 organisations, including Arab Maoists.  But it is a matter to surprise that newly formed NCP-Maoist Party did not show any graveness to remember  Comrade Mao, and his contributions. They released a press statement of for sentences, just for formality. In fact, it was an unwillingly released press statement.  Not only this, daily news paper Janadish, the organ of CPN-Maoist also did not speak even a single word on the  birthday anniversary of Comrade Mao Tse-Tung.
To remember Comrade Mao means to stand on the side of proletarian revolution and to denounce all types of revisionism, eclecticism and liquidationism. We appreciate the declaration of Arab Maoists and other organizations, and express our strong solidarity with them.
As they have mentioned: "We reaffirm the validity of Marxism Leninism Maoism as the science of the world proletarian revolution. We defend the legacy of our teachers Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao; the historical experience of the international workers movement, learning from their victories and defeats in the great battles to build the organization International of the Communist, to lead the masses to the triumph of the Revolution of New Democracy and Socialism, and to build the new State of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. We reaffirm our unwavering determination to fight for the unity in a new Communist International based in Marxism- Leninism- Maoism absolutely necessary to lead the world proletarian revolution to victory over the imperialist system."
Yes, now the time has come to unite for the new Revolutionary Communist Movement, based in Marxism- Leninism- Maoism. On Comrade Mao's Birthday, we call for defense of Marxism- Leninism- Maoism and the rejection of all types of revisionism, specially Prachand-Baburam's Neo-revisionism (? it will be better to call them neo-reactionaries ) and the liquidationist approach of RCP, USA.
It is a matter to note that in the name of the 'transitional period', The CPN-Maoist is in the way to make 'good relation' with the Dengist China. The secret and frequently visit of China by Comrade Biplav,  secretary of the CPN- Maoist is its evidence. Even the member of International Department of CPN-Maoist are unknown about his visit to China. Not only this, Comrade Biplav's secret meeting with Baburam Bhattarai, has created a lot of questions and confusions  within the party cadres. To make good relation with Dengists and Baburam Bhattarai the Indian agent, means, to deny Comrade Mao's contributions and to discard the role of Maoism in the Nepalese Revolution. 
Even the document presented by Comrade Kiran, to the 7th  National Congress, is not clear in the various issues, including revolutionary line. The document is full of ambiguousness. This document is silent on the issue of Chinese Neo-Capitalists. This document is not clear in the International Communist Movement too. This document pleads identity politics and it has given more  importance to the identity based federal system than the New Democratic Revolution. We all know, most of the pleaders of identity politics are  NGO holders and followers of 'clash of civilization'.
There are 14 days left to the 7th National Congress. It is a matter of pleasure that after 21 years the National Congress of the Maoist party is going to be held. Near about one thousand representatives will attend the Congress. But, frankly, I would like to express that things are not going in the right direction and the consequences will not take place as we revolutionaries are thinking and hoping. Cadres are very enthusiastic. They are ready for the all types of sacrifice, but the leaders are not competent to address the revolutionary cadre's spirit. What the leaders want is not clear, where they want to move is not clear. They are loaded with bureaucratic mind.
It is the matter to note that, CPN-Maoist activities have proved that they want good relation with Dengist not Maoists. They don’t want to show any relation with the other Maoist Parties and organizations, particularly to those parties and organizations, who are waging People's War.  That’s why, they were passive in the Hamburg Conference too. We all know, Hamburg Conference was organized to support the People's war in India.
But we, we Nepalese revolutionary intellectuals and the revolutionary cadres within CPN-Maoists always stand on the side of MLM and the great People's War. To support the Peoples War in India means to stand on the side of oppressed people's of the world.
Mao is not only the name of a person, and Maoism is not just a terminology, it is the guiding principle of 21st century revolution.
Now, it is the time to make clear our side. For the liberation of the Nepalese people, for the safeguard of the National Sovereignty' we have to make clear our party line. It is the reality that,  there is one and only one way to march a head, that is waging again the Protected People's War, going back to the gorilla warzone and building the new Base Areas.
Let us move forward for the defense of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.  Let us denounce all types of revisionism –liquidationism  and eclecticism.
Imperialism has no future! The future belongs to communism.
26th December, 2012


Maoist Road;
"Ediciones Vanguardia proletaria;
estimados camaradas
maoismo es guerra popular come via universal por la revolucion proletaria
maoismo es costruccion de los partidos maoistas en todo los paises por las
revoluciones de nueva democracia y socialistas
maoismo es lucha contro imperialismo, revisionismo y opportunismo - de
derecha y de 'isquierda' cybermaoismo pequeno burgues -
maoismo es supportar la guerra popular en la India y el comitato
internacional de supporte
maoismo es unirse a la lucha por la recostruccion de la organisacion
internacional mlm despues el collapso 'avakianista y prachandista' de el MRI
y contro los liquidacionistas anti_MRI


Saludos de clase.


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