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Monday, February 04, 2013

Commercials now more important than the show itself—Top 10 Best Super Bowl commercials


By Red Bob Dobbs

I love a good foot ball game. I like parties. So what could be better than a Super Bowl party?

Super Bowl XLVII will go down in history for its brown out and it was full of action with the 49ers 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

But mostly I noticed the ads. I watched a lot of ads with a football game squeezed in between them. I noticed that the news media paid a lot of attention to the ads and they went as far as putting out their best top 10 Super Bowl commercials. These media outlets have not only listed them, but provided clips of the commercials.

Here are some examples of the “Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials,” as reported by

So it seems as if the commercials, short clips of film, often music and jokes designed to sell us a lot of needless junk we really don’t need are actually more important than the Super Bowl itself.  The ads have become the entertainment, with the actual spots events becoming just filler.
Our pop culture is now wedded to commercial hucksterism so tightly, that we don’t even make a distinction between advertising and entertainment. I wonder what the news media did before computers. Could we relive all those wonderful commercials 30 years ago? No but we can today.
These are the days we live in and we now live in a society where our entertainment is more commercials than it is actual entertainment. That’s a big change and it seems to be a growing trend.
Luckily there was lots to drink at my Super Bowl party. I drank a lot and didn’t let the commercials disrupt my attention to the Super Bowl game.

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