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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

STOP imperialist interventions IN AFRICA!

From the Maoist_List;

Google Translation (the original in French will come later);

Africa has become the battlefield between economic imperialists
Western and the new imperialist powers (China, Russia) and large countries
emerging international capital (Brazil and India).
The old imperialist interests in Africa through
colonization and modern colonialism want to defend these interests
to the end, while new and emerging imperialist seek all
costs conquer new.

It is in this context that French imperialism now intervenes militarily
whenever its interests are threatened, yesterday in Côte d'Ivoire and
Somalia and now in Mali

The intervention in Mali Hollande (government "left") is the continuation
policy intervention of French Sarkozy (government
right). Similarly, in Italy, Berlusconi yesterday provided airbases
and supply of fuel to troops in air strikes and English
French for the war against Libya. Today the government in power or incoming
Italian imperialism are ready to provide logistical support and
other French imperialism in Mali. In addition, third parties and Fabius,
Both foreign ministers of the respective countries, organized a
joint press conference on 21 December 2012 in which Fabius had
said: "We work very well together, both on the Franco-Italian relations
that of many other topics .... Mali, but there is also the Middle East,
Syria, and, of course, the construction of Europe. "

In fact, in Mali, France intervenes to protect the interests of
capitalist system in general, supported by local watchdogs already
present or next, ensuring at the same time to receive the share
greater than the cake. This policy is not only a policy of looting
of the riches countries in Africa, but also a criminal policy in
with people affected by poverty, famine, etc.. The
policy of support for local warlords, the actions of division
ethnic, religious, etc.. taken by imperialism and his dogs
guard, traffickers of all kinds, secular or religious, allows these
guard dogs and their imperialist masters, to secure a certain
time their domination and exploitation of the people, can strengthen
repression through fascistic laws.....

The various operations and military aggression have no other purpose than to
maintain this order. The fight against "terrorism" is only the
pretext that allows you to "legitimize" this military intervention. Of course, the
Islamic fundamentalist forces are not a carrier of any progress
social, quite the contrary. But we must also see that the
colonization to the present, imperialism has produced greatly abuse
higher than those of "terrorists" who claims to fight. In addition, the
imperialist governments French, Italian, Western typically use
terror as a weapon depending on the circumstances: It is they who have
used to fight Soviet social-imperialism in Afghanistan, as in
Syria today.
To get consent of workers and to divert massepopolari
people's attention from the exponential growth of
unemployment, poverty and insecurity, the imperialists are
switched to an unprecedented media offensive against the 'threat
terrorist for the defense of Western civilization '. The measures
terrorism in France, Italy, other European countries and the United States
United have only one goal: to ensure that the masses of the people, accept or
allow the establishment of regimes "protectors" strong police and
military. This concern, the role of guardian angels of
peace, leads them to promote '"national unity" and the "holy alliance"
around the army to secure the consent of the imperialist interventions:
In France, it allows you to develop the control of populations "in
risk "and to maintain and enhance the division between the French called" the
race "and immigrants, which promotes racism and xenophobia.....

In France, right-wing, left-wing and right-wing (UMP, PS,
FN) have all approved military intervention. Their objectives are
declared openly: the struggle for democracy and economic interests
France. That is, the continuation and expansion of the looting
of natural resources, the expropriation of agricultural land, the
destruction of the environment of the countries in Africa, support for dogs

The imperialist states spend huge amounts of money generated by
workers in these imperialist military interventions while destroying the
social achievements, while giving money to corporations and banks,
while making agreements or enact laws that will allow owners to pay
the interests of their shareholders, and workers get fired in large

These maneuvers criminals are not destined for success, because the riots
still popular in Arab countries where reactionary parties will expose
When I'm at the direction of the state as governments once again
serve the interests of the ruling classes and imperialism, including
their Israeli agent.

In the imperialist countries the various bourgeois parties of the 'left' as of right
or right-wing support against the proletariat and the masses that are
affected unemployment and dall'immiserimento,

We denounce and fight against the intervention of French imperialism in

We denounce and fight against the support of the Italian State and the other
this imperialist intervention!

The best support we can give to the oppressed peoples dalll'imperialismo
in Africa, is to carry out the struggle in our country against the
governments and the imperialist states to overthrow their power in
hands of the workers and a world without imperialism, poverty and war.

Maoist Communist Party - France
Maoist Communist Party - Italy
February 2013

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