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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Could the DPRK (North Korea) be planning a real war?

Recently there has been a lot of news about sounding of the war call by the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea.
In The New York Times; “North Korea cut off the last remaining military hot lines with South Korea on Wednesday, accusing President Park Geun-hye of South Korea of pursuing the same hard-line policy of her predecessor that the North blamed for a prolonged chill in inter-Korean relations.”
This has been reported in other news outlets as well. So why would a country bring itself so close to war? There may be many explanations.
The KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK has posted a number of articles including; “DPRK Informs UNSC of Impending Danger of Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula,” “DPRK Will Show Its Will for Counteraction with Military Action: KPA Supreme Command,” and “Those Who Hurt Dignity of DPRK's Supreme Leadership Will Not Survive: CPRK Spokesman.” Just click here to see them.
Whether this is really a matter of being provoked or not is hard to know. One likely reason for all of this are the US led sanctions that are badly hurting the DPRK. Yahoo News just reported on relatives from Japan who have helped family members in the DPRK. There are reported shortages of food there.
According to that article; “(Reuters) - When the now elderly man left Japan on a Soviet ship in 1960 for North Korea, he thought he was headed to the promised land. In reality, he survived 47 years there thanks only to $1 million in support from his half-brother in Japan.”
The article went on to say that new sanctions have made it almost impossible to send money to relatives in that country and such money was necessary to prevent relatives from starving.
If the government there is having trouble supplying food to its people, it may be worth the risk of getting into a real war to force the US and others to stop the sanctions. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there is only China to help the country economically. As pointed out in earlier articles I wrote, many small countries, which have gone through revolution, have limited resources. Nicaragua, Mozambique and Angola are examples of Marxist governments that ran into trouble in the 1980s, when they could no longer get aid from the Soviet Union. They lacked the resources to rebuild their economies and had to change their economic systems to please allies in Europe.
While the DPRK has a lot of resources, there is no doubt they have trouble growing enough food for all the people. China has not really helped the situation there much. So tightening sanctions may well be starving out the DPRK. Unlike the governments in Nicaragua or Mozambique, we know the DPRK is not going to surrender its system of government for any reason. So war or a real threat of it may be the only way out for this government.
The US is presently using food and the starvation of innocent people as a weapon against a major stumbling block for the imperialist control of the entire Asian peninsula and Asian islands such as Japan and Taiwan. Few countries anywhere in the world have resisted US imperialism as much as the DPRK.
 The propaganda line from the US has been that the evil leaders of North Korea are starving their people to death.
According to the Daily News;
“With a new young leader we all expected something different,“ Clinton said Monday during a State Department broadcast. ”We expected him to focus on improving the lives of the North Korean people, not just the elite but everyone. Instead he has engaged in very provocative rhetoric and behavior.”
They ignore the fact that this country could prevent such starving by giving the DPRK simple food aid. The US is trying to starve those people for its own political agenda and this country has no real concern for those who die there. The US only cares about its imperialist agenda and nothing more.

-សតិវ អតុ

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