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Saturday, March 02, 2013

'Dancing With The Stars'-- 'Dancing With The Stars'—Who cares!!!

Forget about the war in Afghanistan, the fighting in Syria, the real news is:

 **'Dancing With The Stars'**

Today’s entertainment culture is loaded with cheap tricks to save money and hype really cheezy TV shows that are really not worth watching. But don’t tell the mainstream News media.  Here was their great idea for a show—take some TV star has-beens and hook them up with some star struck celebrity wannabees and you have “Dancing With The Stars.” Then there’s the hype—contestant up-dates on the local and national news.

An example of the hype can be found on Yahoo News;'Dancing With The Stars' Season 16: New Celebrity Cast Announced.”

These shows are popular because they cost so little to make. The star struck wannabees will do anything for fame and fortune and they won’t want much money for their appearance. There are no scripts to buy. And Dancing With The Stars is typical of the cheap sensationalism that passes for TV culture in the new century. No stories, no real actors, just a lot of over-done gymnastics and sexual mimicry disguised as dancing. The show is constantly in the news headlines, even though it has nothing to do with news. It’s just a lot of hyped-up drama to sell TV ads.
And there seems to be a closing gap between commercials, cheap-shitty TV shows and the major news outlets. There are constant promos for this kind of garbage and it is really hard to avoid it for those who watch television.
Suddenly our TVs are flooded with all kinds of armatures try to make it big, with one quick jump, rather than having to put any effort or time to develop an actual unique style or original material. Most of these people are graded on their performance so there is no songwriting or music writing that leads to the kinds of new and fresh music groups we’ve had in the past. From time to time we had rock bands and others who actually had something to say about society and our culture. Today we have a constant parade of celebrities who have done nothing of significance other than to be on TV. An example of that is Kim Kardashian.    
Also from Yahoo News; Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Advice: ‘Give It a Good Six Months Before You Commit.’ Some of us really don’t care about people who became instant celebrities who really don’t do anything. They don’t do anything of value except grab headlines.
 I’m sick of hearing 'Dancing With The Stars'--'Dancing With The Stars'- in fact I’m just plain sick of it!


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