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Saturday, March 16, 2013

From Germany--Report on the 8th of March in Hamburg, Germany


By Nuevo Peru  wrote:

 Report on the 8th March in Hamburg, Germany

 We the Red Women`s  Comittee Hamburg mobilized for the International Women`s
 Day under the slogan Proletarian Feminism for Communism!. Part of the
 mobilization were posters and flyers, as well as an information event, which
 addressed and explained the proletarian feminism. In addition, in a central
 square of the University of Hamburg, a spray was placed.

 The demonstration took place under adverse conditions, in terms of the time
 and the route chosen, and also the beautiful weather of the last few days
 was gone. Nevertheless, involved about 60 people on our block who had a
 combative, cheerful and militant expression, which to our knowledge, in such
 a way did not take place in Germany for a long time. So we impressed not
 just the passersby, but many long-time activists strongly. Slogans like
 "Proletarian Feminism for Communism!", "For a women`s movement with
 class-conscious position. In communism we achieve our emancipation" and "The
 only road to socialism is the masses grasping the gun!" claryfied the
 proletarian character of our block. Using the slogan of  "Vote out
 exploitation? It never works! Boycott of the elections of the bourgeoisie!"
 we sat a first example against this year´s federal elections.
On 9 March, we celebrated long and hard with many comrades, activists, and
 friends this year's International Women`s Day as a common prelude to
 another, combative year.

 We are pleased that we were able to perform our work with a lot of energy
 and perseverance to be such a success.
Revolutionary greetings to RED WOMEN'S COMMITTEE HAMBURG

B S Raju
Andolan India

Jaya karki

 Red Women's Committee Hamburg
 March 2013

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