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Saturday, March 23, 2013

India—A red salute to Hugo Chávez

From Aporrea and reposted on Kasama Project;

In Kolkata, the old British capital in India and the metropolis of the Bengali people, the Indian Coffee House has been the site of a half century of conspiracies, debates, art and poetry. At its tables movements have begun, rebellions have been forged against the colonial power. All of this on the second floor of this ancient building on College Street, a district of universities and editorials, of printing houses and old street cars. In the stairway, sometimes scribbled by hand in this serpentine alphabet, there appear manifestos and oaths, the convocations of burning memories... there, a group of insurrectionary Maoists and students decided to do what they could to remember, somberly, in the view of all who see these walls: "A red salute for comrade Hugo Chávez."

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