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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Koch brothers try to buy major news outlets

I just received this e-mail on the purchase of major news outlets to the Koch brothers, Charles and David. If they don’t already have enough influence in the mainstream press, they want to make up for it by buying their own news media outlets. -សតិវអតុ

From Rachel Colyer, of the Daily Kos;
Please join Daily Kos and the Courage Campaign in opposing the sale of the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and other news outlets to the Koch brothers. Click here to sign the petition.

Right-wing super villains Charles and David Koch have 
reportedly expressed interest in purchasing some or all of the holdings of The Tribune Company, which owns newspapers and television stations across the country, including the Los Angeles Times.

The Koch brothers are well-known for buying elections, funding anti-science research, bankrolling ultra-conservative organizations, union-busting, and even for organizing the tea party. Now they want to buy the Los Angeles Times to add another mouthpiece for their corrupt agenda.

Millions of people count on the Los Angeles Times for strong and unbiased reporting, including their endorsements for political candidates and ballot initiatives. It would be a travesty to the fourth estate if the Koch brothers are allowed to purchase one of the most respected newspapers in the country in order to peddle their discredited ideas and right-wing propaganda.

Please sign our petition to Peter Liguori, President of The Tribune Company, urging him not to sell the Los Angeles Times and other Tribune media properties to Charles and David Koch.

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