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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rebel Diaz - Work Like Chavez (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

From RebelDiaz;
New Music Video: Work Like Chavez by Rebel Diaz, Directed by Sense Hernandez
The direct connection we have with the The Bolivarian Revolution is
that our community space The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective -BX (RDACBX)
was directly funded by Venezuelan owned oil company- Citgo. For 4 1/2
years we received direct assistance from Comandante Hugo Chavez and
the people of Venezuela. This song is our tribute to him as we
consider him to be a champion of poor people around the world. Hugo
Chavez supported Hip Hop in The South Bronx. Hugo Chavez is Hip Hop.
Our community space
was violently shut down on Feb. 28th by The NYPD and federal
marshalls. We know what it is. We were a threat because we were
teaching the youth, speaking out against Stop and Frisk, doing
political graffiti, doing open mics, etc. We
are living historic moments of oppression to which we can only respond
with historic moments of resistance!! It is time to Work Like

Work Like Chavez by: @RebelDiaz
Produced by: @agent_of_change
Directed by: @SenseHernandez of Beast Factory Films


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