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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ex-Pakistan President Mushaffaf sold out his country to Obama’s drone strikes

Ex-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf admitting that his government had signed off on CIA drone strikes in his country, becoming the first Pakistani official, former or current, to acknowledge the Pakistani government's approval of the drone campaign (CNN).
Many people in Pakistan have protested and complained to the US about the drone strikes. The strikes are designed to assassinate opponents of this country, but have killed the innocent; women and children; along with the alleged guilty would-be terrorists.
So it has become easy, even boring and humdrum for our soldiers to sit safely in a corner and munch pizza while pushing buttons that rain death and destruction on some poor foreign` third world country. President Barak Obama and all of his foreign policy cronies don’t give a damn what people in Pakistan or any other small weaker country think.
This situation brings to memory the Ancient Greek historian Thucydides as he reported on the negotiations between the imperialist Athenians who said to the Melian elite
"The strong do as they can and the weak suffer what they must."
But this country—its leaders—collectively have become over-confident through all our high tech gadgetry and have become arrogant. As with the Athenians against the smaller weaker Melians, the US has just assumed the strong can do whatever they want and Pakistan’s leaders—and everyone else in the Middle-east—and minority groups here at home—can just “suck it up and shut up!”
We don’t know yet who caused the bombing yesterday at the Boston Marathon, but if it turns out that it is the work of Middle-east terrorists, we should not be surprised. Raining terror on others will not make us a lot of friends—it will make us a lot of enemies and we can only fight them off for so long before they get lucky and strike this country on the continental US.  -សតិវ អតុ

US drone strike damage in Pakistan - Maddow exclusive

The rain of terror here at home:

Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 - Street View

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