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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Revolutionary forces must redouble its efforts to advance the people’s war-NDFP-Mindanao-Philippines

From Maoist Road:
On the occasion of the 40th founding anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), we greet with utmost joy all revolutionary allied organizations, all 18 of them, allies and the entire revolutionary forces for having effectively and enthusiastically carried out the united front policies and programs in advancing the people’s democratic revolution.
Through the political leadership of the Communist Party, hundreds of thousands of organized masses in millions of mass bases in the whole of Mindanao have been aroused, organized, expanded and mobilized to advance their class and sectoral interests along the national democratic line. In the painstaking process of undertaking united front work for armed struggle, many have selflessly offered their lives for the people’s democratic revolution.
We salute all revolutionary martyrs among the ranks of the Party members and cadres, Red fighters and commanders, basic masses and the middle forces. Since its inception in 1973, the NDFP and all its allied organizations have paved the way for the establishment of organs of political power — the people’s democratic government — in the countryside. Numerous people’s government have already been established at the barrio level, and even some at the municipal level. The US-Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan has sorely failed to stop the continued widening and strengthening of Red political power across numerous provinces in Mindanao.
Through our firm resolve in waging agrarian revolution as the main content of the people’s democratic revolution and as the key link to our mass work in the countryside, the membership of revolutionary mass organizations has rapidly increased; the anti-feudal movement in the countryside has also surged to carry forward agrarian revolution, raising the level from the inter-barangay to the municipal and inter-municipal up to the regional mass movement.
This movement aims to weaken and topple down the feudal power and influence in Mindanao and to ultimately emancipate the peasantry from feudal and semi-feudal exploitation. The anti-feudal united front has been steeled and expanded by the widespread mass actions demanding for increase in wages of farm workers, increase in prices of farm produce, the elimination of usury, the lowering of land rent and farm implements and agricultural machineries. In many towns in Mindanao, this has already benefitted hundreds of thousands of peasants and their families.
Units of the New People’s Army (NPA) are already positioned in strategic areas in more or less 250 municipalities and more than 2000 barrios in Mindanao. Consequently, the NPA has raised the level of guerrilla warfare in launching simultaneous, coordinated and widespread tactical offensives against fascist enemy forces, mobilizing many Red troops at the same time, and in defending the hard-earned victories of the masses of peasants and workers. These tactical offensives have been aimed also to deliver big blows against imperialist multinationals, such as large-scale mining and agri-business plantations, making them pay for decades of plunder of natural resources and the environment, the oppression and exploitation of the people of Mindanao, and bring to a halt their continued aggressive expansion.

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