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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day message from Chicken-Hawk Pompeo

I received an e-mail from US Representative Mike Pompeo, Kansas’ fourth district on the sacrifices of “those who fell in battle while defending our national ideals.”

Pompeo had a lot of fine things to say on this Memorial Day;

"Memorial Day is not a religious holiday, but it is sacred.”

But here’s the catch—Pompeo never actually had to serve in any dangerous capacity in the military. He was in the Military. According to his own website;

“Mike attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating first in his class in 1986.  Mike served as a cavalry officer in the U.S. Army, leading troops as they patrolled the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Berlin Wall.” 

Not much action there. In fact, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Pompeo went to Harvard Law School where I’m sure he considered himself far too important to put his own ass on the line with the troops he now sends out to war.

Pompeo is what we call a “Chicken-Hawk”—a proud supporter of foreign wars that need to be fought, but not by important people as he sees himself as. It is people as himself who feel they are the right people to make the choices to send people into battle. But Pompeo is a part of the new “social Darwinists” who believe those who are more successful deserve the best in life, and the less successful—close to nothing, which is what most working class and working poor are getting from the US today. So it should not surprise us that Pompeo feels that serving in wars, putting lives on the line, should be for the less important people—not the important people as himself.  

From Pompeo we get;

“For them (fallen soldiers), the American idea is a truth so moving, so good, that it was worth dying for.  Today we remember these brave souls, but more, we recommit to the values for which these fallen warriors fought and for which they gave the last full measure.”

It is too bad there are people who actually believe this man’s sanctimonious crap. He depends on the gullible  to actually fight all these wars HE believes in, but will never actually serve in.

At least some of us realize that Pompeo is a coward and one more Republican “Chicken-Hawk” who spews out hypocrisy the way an old rusty pipe spews out sewage.

-សតិវ អតុ
Pompeo supports putting people into indefinite detention in Guantanamo, were they will languish for years to come without ever getting their day in court—another one of his “American values” he believes in.

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