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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

International Communist Movement and our role –part 2

By C P Gajurel "Gaurav"

Why was the unity within the RIM declining? 

Two parties, namely CRC,CPI(ML) of India and TKP (ML) of Turkey which were in the RIM Committee decided to stay in the RIM but withdraw from the Committee. Also the Communist Party of Peru had decided to send its representative in a status of observer not that of a delegate. These events definitely played a role of weakening the RIM.

In course of time Communist Party of Peru (PCP) decided to add "Gonzalo Thought" in its guiding ideology. Many parties including our party opposed this decision. After a couple of years of arrest of its chairman Com Gonzalo in 1992, a proposal of "peace accord" was floated from inside the prison stating that it "was from the Party". The dispute of who was the author of this proposal entered in the RIM as well. One section of the PCP blamed "right opportunists" of the party who capitulated with the enemy for this act and called it a "hoax". Another section, especially who were languished in prison claimed that Gonzalo himself was the author of this proposal. Gonzalo's opinion could not come out officially because he was completely kept in isolation. RCP which represents in the Committee advocated that Gonzalo is behind the "peace accord". It further helped deteriorating the relation of PCP with the RIM.

When our party, CPN(Maoist) decided to add "Prachanda path" in the guiding ideology of the party, all other parties were against it. It caused some rift in the relation of CPN(Maoist) and the RIM. But it is wrong to say that it was the only reason for the RIM to be passive. The main reason of division and situation of RIM to go through a crisis is the liquidation of Prachanda-Baburam to right opportunist line. It was a good thing that we continued to establish relation with our fraternal and friendly communist parties when we were in the same party with the renegades Prachanda and Baburam and so we are now in a situation of forging international unity and working actively to carry out joint activities with all these parties.

Apart from all this, a new debate is going on the question of "New Synthesis" propounded by Com Bob Avakian, Chairman of RCP,USA. It seems that we should be firm in standing against the idea that "it was a new dimension in the development of MLM" and trying to impose it as a basis of unity in the ICM. What we have discussed above makes clear that the efforts to impose different types of "synthesis" has merely bred split in the ICM. It is necessary to take lessons from the past mistakes and to be careful about such wrong trends.

ICML as another Centre

In spite of many rounds of talks between representatives of RIM and CPI(Maoist), CPP, incorporation of the two parties could not be materialized. In the later period, one side was not accepting the nomenclature of 'RIM' and its organization and other side was sticking to the nomenclature and organization, which also became main hurdle for the unity.

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist parties (ICML) was organized in the initiative of CPI(Maoist) and CPP, which incepted a centre. Its influence became very limited. It also decided to organize an international mass organization called 'International League for People's Struggle' (ILPS). It is amalgamation of so many loose organisations that to take collective decisions was not possible let alone implementing the decisions.

It is true that RIM is more influential than ICML,however division of the Maoist parties in two different centres is quite bad. We have to pay serious attention to this point.

Two Centres and question of new initiative

The point of how Maoist Parties are divided into two different centres has already been mentioned above. At this point of time both the centres have become passive and very weak. None of them are functioning. It is reflection of the fact that the idea of two different centres of Maoists is not correct.

Some parties and organisations are also taking initiative to reorganize the RIM forces. Reality is that anyway if it succeeds, again all the Maoist parties and organisations t will not come together and same problem will recur. Therefore, the need of the hour is to carry on the positive discussions and debates aiming to unite all genuine Maoist forces in a single centre and forge new unity in the new basis. It is necessary to change the negative situation of non-functional condition of two centres into a positive step of forging a new and single centre. We should utilize this opportunity to unify the Maoist forces in a single centre rather than to make effort to revive the old centre or centres.

We should come out of the prejudice of who was in which international centre. We should utilize our efforts in organizing all genuine Maoist forces in a single centre and strengthen it for advancing the world revolution.

Anti-imperialist Movement

There are many parties and organisations in various parts of the world including India, which were parts of the Marxist-Leninist Movement. Some parties are cadre based and have some mass bases and some organisations are confined in bringing out their organ through which they are identified. Though all of them are not Maoists, but most of them are anti-imperialists. They cannot make any significant contribution in the revolution of their own country and for the world revolution if they remain isolated. If they are united in a loose anti-imperialist movement a significant energy can be accumulated by their collective strength. We should consider them as friends and help them to be organized in support of revolutionary struggle and anti-imperialist, anti-expansionist struggle.

The people of the oppressed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America are still fighting against the domestic reactionaries and foreign imperialism in their own way. It is not possible for them to fight and get victory individually against stronger reactionary forces. It is quite necessary to help them organize by forging front at international level. Only a genuine Maoist party can fulfill this task. Other forces cannot fulfill this task.

Presence of the representatives of various friendly parties and organisations all the way from Canada, USA, Turkey to India during the historic Seventh National Congress of our party which was successfully completed in the last January reflects such a possibility.

Relation with states

Once, almost two third of the world population was under the banner of socialism. But due to the events of counter revolution staged by the leadership of communist parties and socialist states, the socialism went on squeezing and now it is confined at the stage of strategic defence.

The anti-socialist "democratic movements" designated by the imperialist powers swept away the "socialist states" of East European pro-soviet block during the '90s. The governments of communist parties and socialist states have been reduced to quite few. If we can have a good relation with those survived, it can be of great help to the revolutionaries and the people against the onslaught of domestic and foreign reactionaries.

This relation can play significant role for the development of revolutionary movement, to protect the revolutionary parties and to bring the balance of power in favour of the revolutionaries. It is necessary to develop relation with countries like China, North Korea, Cuba, Latin American countries. In the context of Nepal, the relation with China attaches great importance.

The wave of Bolivarian revolution in Latin America can be considered as anti- US imperialist wave. The "socialism" that has been achieved in Latin American countries differs from the scientific socialism and communism envisaged by communist parties. However it is necessary to salute the revolutionary changes that the people have brought after heroic struggles. We should make serious efforts to develop friendly relation with them. We should understand the significance of balance of power in favour of revolutionary movement.

Prospect of revolution is bright

In the present situation, making revolution in any country is a very challenging task. In today's world it is necessary to make international situation favourable in order to accomplish the revolution. The international situation is not readily favourable, it should be made favourable by formulating a correct line and implementing it with hard work. Now what a favourable situation we have, was not with us during the period of People's War. We should be able to utilize this situation perfectly.

It is not possible to complete the revolution by unleashing only our force. It is necessary to accumulate strength by making long term or short term united front with the forces which can stand in favour of the people and nation.

We have to pay attention in all the possibilities of forging such united fronts at national and international level. We are advancing in the direction of forging united fronts with all the forces with whom we can do and establish good relation with them at the national and international level, especially after we broke the relation with the Prachanda-Baburam group which has betrayed and gave in the revolution. Great possibility to achieve success in this task has been appeared.

The way Prachanda and Baburam presented themselves during their so called Seventh Congress that they have made a "strategic shift" to the reactionary camp, have made clear to those who had a bit of confusion that they still have some amount of revolutionary will. It was necessary for us to expose them clearly, thanks, they have exposed themselves. Ground is open for us. Many favourable factors have emerged in support of Nepalese revolution. We are moving forward cautiously. Because of our maturity some positive results have been achieved in practice. Practice has proved that our assumption and decisions are correct. Let us move forward with full confidence and firm determination, the future of Nepal and Nepalese people is bright. The future of Nepalese revolution is bright.

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